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2nd Friday in Pilsen East April 8 - WOW is the word

2nd Fridays has been a fun outing to Pilsen East for many years now, but I just got an email from director Cynthia West this week that made me take more notice than usual - I guess she got me with  "Wow!"  And she means it. This is not just a monthly event where you're invited to wander - dozens of spaces and galleries are hosting special exhibitions and events just because it's Friday, it's April, and the temperature is above 40°! These artists and creatives are really bringing a lot to the table for you, and this is pretty much a one-night only gig. 


2nd Friday in the Chicago Arts District
Friday April 8th, 2011 6p-10p
Information Center at South Halsted and 18th Streets in Chicago

To summarize all that's happening, we've got capes and self-realization, the organic symbolism of Flora, and a metalsmith who's also a confectioner...

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The BODY @ kasia kay art projects October 29

The BODY at kasia kay art projects

Opening on October 29 at kasia kay art projects is The BODY, an exhibition of new sculptures by Claudia Hart and paintings by Rim LeeNothing in the exhbition is quite what it seems: Hart and Lee both explore feminism, the human body and identity from unique perspectives, with Hart's sculptures seeming half like video-games, and half like real life.  Lee's paintings look almost like photographs - the wet, messy clay on the figures depicted looks fresh enough to make a mess. Technology plays a role in each body of work, and the show is certainly new and fresh.


On Friday, November 5 Joseph Ravens performs Kattywampus at the gallery, in conjunction with the 21st annual edition of the Chicago Humanities Festival 2010.  Performances are a lively way for gallery-goers to revisit a gallery once the opening has taken place.  Kattywampus will offer a chance for visitors to meet and interact with the artist and to have mutliple experiences in the gallery, as gallery owner Kasia Kay is always one to experiment with various endeavors and projects with her artists.  November 5 will be the start to a busy art weekend because of SOFA Chicago, and it's a great occasion to visit this West Loop space.

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