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  • Zhou Brothers: TIME - A Portrait of History opens April 22

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    I visited the Zhou Brothers, DaHuang and Shan Zuo in their massive studio on a Friday morning right after the new year. The place was buzzing, and people were going to and fro for a reason I did not yet know. Quietly off on the sidelines were Shan Zuo's son Michael and his wife and new baby daughter, all watching the artist duo calmly while apologizing for the chaos. I was only too happy to watch the action: photographers were trying manage the mid-morning light while trying out a variety of poses and angles, and the two brothers were trying to put the final touches on a very important commission. Michael Zhou was about to tell me just who ordered the painting and for whom, but I had to keep the news under wraps until after January 18.

  • 2nd Friday in Pilsen East April 8 - WOW is the word

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    2nd Fridays has been a fun outing to Pilsen East for many years now, but I just got an email from director Cynthia West this week that made me take more notice than usual - I guess she got me with "Wow!" And she means it. This is not just a monthly event where you're invited to wander - dozens of spaces and galleries are hosting special exhibitions and events just because it's Friday, it's April, and the temperature is above 40°!

  • Party @ the Zhou B Art Center April 15

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    Tax day should be your best excuse for going out next Friday night. The Zhou B Art Center is hosting its usual 3rd Friday celebrations in Bridgeport, and this month they're featuring the new issue of Chicago Gallery News, covering April-August (they're on this issue's cover!) LOTS of special events and promotions are planned as part of the launch - music, performance, and more. Get out, celebrate spring, mingle with other art fans, go to a happening neighborhood, have some drinks, and we'll see you there!!

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    The BODY @ kasia kay art projects October 29

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    Opening on October 29 at kasia kay art projects is The BODY, an exhibition of new sculptures by Claudia Hart and paintings by Rim Lee. Nothing in the exhbition is quite what it seems...

  • Chicago Gallery News Blog

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    Our posts here are fewer and fewer because we've been working over at chicagogallerynews.comCome have...

  • From Bakelite to Diamonds at the Merchandise Mart Antiques Fair

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    Antiques don't always seem like an obvious taste choice to people in the contemporary art world, but each time this fair comes around, I encourage people to go because there is such a wide range of things to discover at a show like this - there is SUCH a range of prices, but a total guarantee of quality. Many people have poked around antique shops during a long weekend somewhere in the country, or tried to squeeze through the narrow aisles in a bustling flea market or junk shop, hoping to find some fabulous find amidst the clutter, but going to a highly-reputable fair where each piece has been vetted for authenticity is the perfect place to start, and something not-to-miss.

  • Groundbreaking Buddhist Cave Temple Exhibition at The Smart Museum of Art

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    Groundbreaking Buddhist Cave Temple Exhibition at The Smart Museum of Art Deep in the mountains...

  • Storm Chaser @ Jackson Junge Gallery: One Man's Photos of Danger

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    Everyone loves storms from a distance - some people even love being caught in the middle of one. It's one of summer's magical qualities. Photographer David Mayhew has been a successful storm chaser, racing around to capture lightning in a 2-D bottle. He shoots storms before, during and after the drama, leaving his dramatic, anticipatory scenes to speak for themselves.

  • Province Restaurant

    Visit Province Restaurant and Enjoy An Arty Evening in the West Loop

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    Two of Chicago's oldest arts organizations, the Chicago Artists Coalition and the Lawyers for the Creative Arts, are hosting a special evening of art, food, and cocktails in the West Loop on Wednesday, August 18.

  • Tony Tasset's Lumberjack "Paul" at Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park

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    Everyone's been all atwitter over Tony Tasset's "Eye" in Chicago's Loop at State and Van Buren this summer, but if you'd like to see more, make up an excuse to head to University Park, IL to the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park at Governor's State University.

  • Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival This Weekend in Logan Square

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    The Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival takes place this weekend, featuring nearly 30 curated gallery exhibitions in empty storefronts, performances in theater & dance, presentations of film, video & visual art, & live music along North Milwaukee Avenue on Chicago's north/west side.

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    So You Think You Can Paint? A Perfect Reality Art Storm at Spoke

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    Ok, so today's post is basically entirely lifted from a clever email I got from Spoke this morning, but they say what they want to say well, and I just want to get the word out about this sure-to-be entertaining event, So, You Think You Can Paint?

  • Eye on Chicago: Tony Tasset's EYE, & Big Plans from the Chicago Loop Alliance

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    Despite the heat, many gathered in Pritzker Park Wednesday morning, at the corner of State and Van Buren, for the unveiling of internationally renowned contemporary artist Tony Tasset's 30-foot-tall EYE, and 156 of his CARDINAL State Street banners.

  • Tom Parish's Venice Paintings at Gruen Galleries

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    A show of artist Tom Parish's latest work recently opened at Gruen Galleries, and it's a crowd-pleaser. Parish just completed 15 large-scale scenes of real buildings in Venice, Italy. At the opening on June 4, the gallery itself was stifling from the heat, but just looking into the watery scenes of Parish's paintings helped refresh all the viewers in the gallery.

  • Chicago Artists on Bravo's Newest Reality Show: Work of Art

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    Art world watchers, insiders and pundits have been collectively buzzing for quite awhile about Bravo's newest endeavor, Work of Art. And finally, the night has come: tonight, the show premiers (after the Blackhawks game, of course) and the rest of us get to see what the fuss is (hopefully) all about.

  • Martina Nehrling: Color Overload at Zg Gallery

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    Nehrling's signature colors and short brushstrokes make up dizzying, rhythmic spells that engage and capture the viewer. Martina states, "My paintings are visual rhythms inspired by the cacophony of daily life, at once the weight and the flimsiness of it. Compelled by the pulsation of the beautiful and horrific relentlessly clashing, I create compositions of accumulation.

  • Summer Gallery Openings Friday, June 4

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    The start to summer for most people kicked off with Memorial Day weekend, but in the art world, our summer starts this Friday, June 4. Dozens of galleries around the city open their doors to welcome gallery-goers and host new exhibitions during the nice weather. And as we all know, everything is more fun when it's warm outside in Chicago!

  • Office Romance: threewalls Spring Fundraiser and Art Auction

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    Tis the season for fundraisers and spring benefits! And art benefits are particularly great all around since those who buy tickets come to support their favorite cause or institution, hang out with all their art world friends, and get what they really want - ART.

  • 8th Annual ArtFutura Benefit Exhibition and Art Sale for Art Therapy at RIC

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    The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago is hosting its 8th annual ArtFutura exhibition at Portals Gallery in River North this year, and tonight is the closing party. If you have not yet attended, tonight is the night to mingle with other party guests, as well as patients from RIC. Proceeds benefit the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago's Art Therapy program.

  • Deborah Butterfield: New Work @ Zolla Lieberman Gallery

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    The horses Deborah Butterfield creates are in a variety of poses - sometimes lying down, sometimes turning their heads or about to lower their heads for another bite of grass. But the poses may recall human mannerisms more than equine, spurring the viewer to consider horses, and animals, in a new way.

  • Moms + Mimosas for Mother's Day @ Swimming Pool Project Space

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    Sick of soggy mother's day brunches and rooms full of screaming children? Or just want a unique reason for some quality time with your mother this Sunday? Go to The Pool (The Swimming Pool Project Space, I mean!) and do something a little different with a fun group of women.

  • Lynne Drexler: Early Spring @ McCormick Gallery

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    Spring fever that is lasting a little longer in Chicago's art world may be found in an exhibition of works by Lynne Drexler at McCormick Gallery. The current exhibition, Early Spring, is wonderfully overwhelming with bright, fresh color - perfect for easing us into summer.

  • Angelo Musco's Tehom @ Carrie Secrist Gallery

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    Musco's work is unmistakable when you've seen it, and it leaves strong impressions of birth, life, nature, and order. When you see this show on the large scale in Secrist's West Loop space, the hundreds of swimming, naked bodies are practically life-size, diving and spinning on the gallery's main 12' x 48' wall.

  • NEXT Art Fair at the Merchandise Mart - Part 1

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    So there's a lot going on at the Mart, and since I'm now pinched for time, I'll post some pictures from the media preview today and will fill in the blanks Friday (with some fun people watching pictures as well!)

  • Social Networking + Art Panel @ Art Chicago

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    So, if you are familiar with this blog or follow me on Twitter, then you must be at least somewhat interested in art, as well as social networking. So, lucky you, you will want to attend a very cool panel at Art Chicago this weekend with yours truly!

  • The Art Fairs Are Here!

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    So an art storm is brewing, and the buzz from under the Merchandise Mart's big tent is getting louder by the minute! I was just over at Art Chicago for a couple hours this morning, brushing up and cramming a little since I'm also working as a tour docent this weekend... First up, a group from Spain on Friday morning, though I've been told I don't actually have to speak Spanish.

  • Help Me, Help You... "The Art of Self-Improvement" at Concertina Gallery

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    Concertina Gallery's current show features work by seven artists, some working in collaboration, others alone, all exploring the self-help phenomenon in a variety of mediums through some light, but revealing, mockery, reminding us that many people promise to have the answers to life's problems...

  • Spring Art Sale at SAIC April 9 & 10: Student Art Work for Sale

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    This sale/social experiment is also a fabulous way for the public to see what's coming out of the SAIC talent pool while being supportive of students and their creative work.

  • Paschke, Paschke Everywhere!

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    We can all see Paschke's vivid, pulsating paintings around the city regularly - at Shakespeare Theater (hey, you can buy a poster!), at the Art Institute, and at the Museum of Contemporary Art, but the latest exhibition at Russell Bowman and Alan Koppel is a new chance to see multiple works together in two local gallery spaces.

  • JamesMurray300x235.jpg

    "Performance Anxiety" Video Screening: Gallery 400 @ UIC April 7th

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    Performance Anxiety features all seven short videos by different artists - endurance pieces, alter egos, and more all explore a variety of complicated human + cultural instincts related to race, sexuality, gender.

  • Hung Liu, Great Leap

    Hung Liu: Memory in Chinese Painting at Andrew Bae Gallery

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    I like 'firsts' and the chance to see an artist's first show anywhere - in a gallery, studio, major museum or in the city of Chicago, is of course an opportunity that will not come around again. This could be the, "I saw it when..." moment.

  • Ken Fandell's 14 Minute Video @ Donald Young Gallery

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    CGN just put out its spring/summer issue, and then we were pretty much cut off...

  • The Seldoms Perform Marchland with Fraser Taylor at the MCA

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    This weekend, something a little different is taking place at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The Seldoms perform Marchland with visual artist Fraser Taylor from March 12-14, 2010.

  • Cheonae Kim

    Cheonae Kim @ Zolla / Lieberman Gallery

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    Kim's Mediterranean 224 is part of the current exhibition at Zolla / Lieberman Gallery, and while you're looking for bright colors and cheer this month (hello, FOG warnings!) stop in to take a look. You'll also have a chance to see Josh Garber's Sculptures and Libby Wadsworth's paintings

  • Joan Winter: Silent Light @ Dubhe Carreno Gallery

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    Mulberry Paper isn't just an arty name - it's actually handmade from the inner fiber of the mulberry, and its popular with artists because it's very strong, despite its light weight, and its edges also feather easily. For Winter's designs and her play on light, the paper works perfectly.

  • Theaster Gates, Tea Shack

    Chicago Artists in the 2010 Whitney Biennial

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    The 75th Whitney Biennial just opened in New York, and though the roster of artists features only 55 artists, a little more than half the size of the list in 2006, several artists with ties to Chicago made the (important) cut.

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    Graffiti in Chicago: Vandalism or Art at the Art Institute's Modern Wing

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    Recent news headlines (NBC Chicago) highlighted some elaborate tagging at the Art Institute of Chicago's Modern Wing, and this month there was a story about some taggers who targeted a home under construction on the near north side right near the Newberry Library. I wanted to get a conversation started about art vs. vandalism and hear what others think

  • Helen Maurene Cooper

    SAIC @ DWG - David Weinberg Gallery

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    David Weinberg Gallery is bringing the school to the gallery for its latest exhibition, SAIC at DWG. The show features work by recent graduates of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

  • Duncan Anderson

    Duncan Anderson: New Work at Kasia Kay Art Projects

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    Duncan R. Anderson opens a show of new work at Kasia Kay Art Projects in the West Loop on Friday, February 19. This is his 2nd show at the gallery, again of course featuring his intricate, small sculptures and scenes made from tiny toys and figures.

  • Chicago Artist David Klamen Paints Paintings - at Richard Gray Gallery

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    Richard Gray Gallery opens a show of work by Chicago artist David Klamen on Friday, February 19, and it's aptly called Painting Paintings. The public will recognize the major works in the show - and then wonder for a second why they're attributed to Klamen - then it all starts to come together.

  • Michiko Itatani

    Michiko Itatani: New Series at Walsh Gallery

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    After more than 30 years of making paintings, Michiko Itatani explores a new series called "Personal Codes." This is her most personal and autobiographical work to date.

  • Anne Drew Potter

    Anne Drew Potter: Le Cirque de L'Armée Rouge at Dubhe Carreno Gallery

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    Walking into Dubhe Carreno's West Loop Gallery, you are walking into a circus made up of perfectly still, quiet, very young participants. Sculptor Anne Drew Potter's latest exhibition at the gallery, Le Cirque de L'Armee Rouge, was inspired by Dave Eggers's novel, What is the What.

  • Don Pollack

    Don Pollack: New Paintings at Perimeter Gallery

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    River North's Perimeter Gallery opens a new show Friday, February 12, featuring the work of painter Don Pollack. And if your favorite colors are green and blue, these paintings are meant for you. Though of course, there is a great deal more to these works than "Ginny's Ideal Color Palette..."

  • Quickie Fundraiser for New Orleans @ Mars Gallery

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    I blogged about Mars Gallery's Haiti auction a couple weeks ago, and the fundraiser was such a success, they're at it again - this time to benefit the City of New Orleans. Nice of them to keep the good work up for a variety of causes!

  • Martin Parr, Common Sense 75 (Love cake)

    Stephen Daiter Gallery Makes A Move: First Show in New Space Features Martin Parr

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    Stephen Daiter Gallery has moved into a new space at 230 W. Superior. The gallery's new home is expansive and flowing and it has storage space that every art dealer in town is already jealously talking about... And it has a killer inaugural show up as well, featuring photography by Martin Parr, an observer of quirky Brits and the every day.

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    Art Books: Behind the Scenes of the Art World - Scandal, Criticism, Collecting, and More

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    I think reading about the many parts of the art world - the good and the bad - can be helpful and add some perspective to your own experience. The books by seasoned dealers, critics, and passionate collectors are especially enlightening. Plus, everyone loves a good story, and the art world is full of them.

  • Main floor exhibition space - without the 3rd Friday Crowds

    Checking Out the Zhou B Art Center

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    I recently got a full, top to bottom tour of the center from Michael Zhou, son and nephew of the Zhou Brothers (Shan Zhou and DaHuang Zhou.) Visiting the center for one of their big 3rd Fridays, or for a splashy private event is one thing, but a behind-the-scenes tour with the people who make it all happen is another.

  • First Fridays. Photo © Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

    A Bash to Benefit the MCA Celebrates Artists and Their Studios

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    To launch the latest exhibition, and taking place on a Thursday, The Artist's Studio As Party is a three-floor fundraiser that honors the artists, the spaces, and the creative spirit of contemporary art. Event includes live music, food, artist guests, and interactive entertainment.

  • by Dietrich Wegner

    Baby, is that a new tattoo? Starting young at Carrie Secrist Gallery

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    Kids are rebelling at a younger and younger age these days, judging by all the ink these little babies are sporting in the photos at Carrie Secrist Gallery on West Washington. But artist Dietrich Wegner makes the larger point that has more to do with society than just innocent babies, and seeing these photos and sculptures in person can pull at the viewer in strange ways - the babies are adorable, and their big eyes pleadingly stare out at you...

  • You can pick up the auction catalogue while viewing, or purchase one to keep for $10.

    To Market We Go... Scouting for Finds at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers

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    At an auction house, you can find really reasonably priced, cool, unique, art and furniture, while enjoying the thrill of the hunt, and the competitive thrill of bidding...

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