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Angelo Musco's Tehom @ Carrie Secrist Gallery

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Carrie Secrist just had a big opening on May 1st for an artist relatively new to the gallery, and to the world, and now Chicagoans have a few weeks to see the large-scale solo show in the West Loop gallery.  The young Italian artist, Angelo Musco, showed his photographs at Secrist's Art Chicago booth in 2009, shortly before a late acceptance into the mega-art showcase, the Venice Biennale last summer.  The current exhibition, Tehom, runs through July 10th, but be sure to see this show sooner rather than later. I  mentioned Musco in an earlier post about Art Chicago since I was already excited about the opening of the exhibition.

Musco's work leaves strong impressions of birth, life, nature, and order. When you see this show on the large scale in Secrist's West Loop space, the hundreds of swimming, naked bodies are practically life-size, diving and spinning, and staring out at you from the gallery's main 12' x 48' wall.  While the subjects are moving in tight formations together under the water, light from an implied surface above is clearly shining through.

The story I got over the weekend was that Musco was born in Italy, and he was in the womb for 11 months after a complicated pregnancy. When he was finally born, he weighed 14lbs!  Today, his art is concerned with internal structures, underwater worlds, nature and human life.  To create his magical scenes, Musco takes tens of thousands of photographs of 80 nude models and then creates a Photoshop masterpiece. 

According to Wikipedia, Tehom, the show's title, is the Hebrew word for 'deep' or 'abyss.'
The dark, glossy backgrounds created in the gallery create a new, enveloping, womb-like environment for viewers, as well as possibly a sanctuary.  This is a show you have to see for yourself in person.

Angelo Musco


Carrie Secrist Gallery | 835 W. Washington | Chicago, IL 60607

Tel 312-491-0917

Tu-F 10:30-6; Sa 11-5

Thru July 10



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ridavio said:

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You can see a short video about how the title work was created here:

CGNPub said:

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Great - thanks so much for sharing!

Tim Brazier said:

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I was there Saturday night and people's jaws would drop when they entered the gallery. The show is off the charts amazing. Could have spent several more hours soaking in Tehom.

CGNPub said:

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Yes, there were a lot of gasps even looking through the door. The show will be up for awhile - it's a good show to bring visitors to when in Chicago!

Bill Beach said:

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I was there as well on Saturday night. I saw three 60 year old ladies in tears because of the beauty of Angelo's composition. great stuff!

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