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Mikkeller and More at Local Option

Matt Tunnell

Frisbee player, beer lover

  It's not as if you need an excuse to visit Local Option but they're pulling out some big guns for a true "Royal Flush of Tap Line-ups" starting at 5 PM this Thursday. 
  Among the offerings are a scant handful of beers that we've discussed before, including Struise's excellent Black Albert, Three Floyd's fresh-hopped Broo Doo, and Ska's Euphoria Pale Ale.  In addition to those beers which might be familiar to our readers, some of the taps will be making their first appearance in Chicago.  Bluegrass Brewing Company/Brewpub will be serving up a slew of interesting beers, including a bourbon barrel helles and Kentucky's answer to Russian River.  Last time I stopped in Local Option I had the privilege of sampling BBC's delicious Bourbon Barrel Coffee Stout from a secret sample bottle and I was impressed by their ability to balance the bourbon barrel flavor with an 8% stout, so I'm very curious to see what they've done with the Helles.  Click through the slideshow for a few more highlights and be sure to check out the full tap list after the jump.

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