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About This Blog

This blog was launched when we, three young beer lovers in Chicago- Jeff, Matt T and Rohit- wanted to share our passion for beer with other enthusiasts. Then we brought on two friends and beer compadres, Matt H and Matt Y. As with the drinking of beer, our blogging is something best done collectively. 

Beer is an exciting and versatile beverage, one that can be enjoyed in quantity or savored for its complexity, shared with friends at a barbeque or paired with artisan cheeses. Beer has undergone a renaissance in recent years, giving Chicago beer aficionados an exciting and growing number number of options, events and places to enjoy. It is our goal to cover these developments and provide tools and advice for getting the most out of your beer drinking experience. We are excited to share our experiences and to provide a link to the knowledge of true experts.

Ideas, tips, questions and comments are all welcomed; we can be contacted at We'd love to hear from you!  You can also follow us on Twitter.  

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