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10 Beers For When You're Snowed In 2011

Matt Tunnell

Frisbee player, beer lover

Well, here we are again, almost a year after the most successful post in Beer Travelers history, once more discussing the best beers to drink in the wake of a baleful storm.  This years Snowpocalypse/Snowgasm/Blizzmageddon beats last years surprise early February storm in both advance hype and eventual delivery.  Anyway, this is a list of beers to fortify and stimulate you during the doldrums of your winter internment.  Like last year, I had the foresight to already have many of the beers, but once more I assure that these are worth venturing out past the wreckage of Wrigley field for.



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nate said:

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anyone know where to find strawberry abita in the chicagoland area?

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