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And We're Back!

Rohit Naimpally

Pol Sci, Econ and Cricket geek who loves a good pint

If you're reading this and thinking, "Back from what? I never knew they had been away" it either means that you never read the blog in the first place, or are being exceedingly nice. Yes, the Chicago Beer Travelers have been AWOL for an extended period and there really isn't much of an excuse.

Well, there sort of is. Maybe. Not really. As things turned out, we took the "travelers" element of our name a little too seriously and with one thing having led to another, none of us live in Chicago anymore. I fared the worst, beer-wise, ending up in Connecticut. Yes, all the horror stories are true: the beer scene in North-East is not a patch on the glorious city of Chicago. Jeff has moved on to the fair state of Oregon while Matt, perhaps the most fortunate of us all in terms of beer, has made the short move up to Milwaukee. We still are, however, the Chicago Beer Travelers. In order to lend that title a little more legitimacy now, there are plans in the works to bring in a couple of Chicago-based people to keep the local flavor of the blog going. And simply because the great city of Chicago needs a local presence on the blog. Without giving too much away, I can tell you that one of the folks that we're bringing on actually works at a Chicagoland brewery. One of our favorites as a matter of fact, so trust me, you're going to want to hear what he has to say.

Having been away this long, we're going to be getting right back into blogging with a vengeance. I'm going to start us off easy this coming week with a couple of beer reviews that I've been planning to put up. We might also try to supplement our Beer Glossary and Appreciating Beer series'. However, the big thing is coming up at the end of the week: an interview with Charles Bamforth, the Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of Brewing Science at UC-Davis and author of Beer is Proof God Loves Us: Reaching for the Soul of Beer and Brewing. I had the great pleasure of reading an advance copy of this book, which is equal parts autobiography and ruminations on the beer industry. Prof. Bamforth is a real expert in the field and the book is immensely readable as well. I will be posting a two or three part series of posts, reviewing the book and detailing my interview with Prof. Bamforth.

So if all that sounds good, please keep checking in. We're back and we're not going anywhere for a while. There will be plenty more posts, some stuff from our travels in our new homes and plenty more talk on our favorite subject: beer. Salut! 



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