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8 Beer Sites You Should Be Using

Jeff Bean

hophead, fisherman, and Nebraska-native

The internet offers all kinds of resources to guide you in your own beer journeys.  These sites are 8 of our favorites, and they may dramatically change the way you think about, purchase, and drink beer (if they haven't already).

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Know of something cool that should be on the list?  Tell us about it via e-mail, twitter, or in the comments!


Some reader-recommended sites:



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Rubens said:

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Hey Jeff, please visit This is a site we created for beer afficionados in Central Florida, so it is specific for the six counties in Central FL, but we are very proud of it.

Jeff Bean said:


This is very cool. I have a friend who lives down there. I'll have to let him know about it.

ben said:

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Another, exclusive Chicago beer site that should definitely not be overlooked:

This site guides you to your favorite bar, that serves your favorite beer, where you can watch your favorite team play.

Jeff Bean said:


I hadn't heard of this site until recently, but Beerbin looks extremely promising. I love that it's Chicago-focused, and I don't know of any other site that has the teams feature. I'm planning a series of posts spotlighting Chicago-based beer businesses, and this is one that I hope to cover. Definitely a useful resource -- thanks for the link!

BeerGuy said:

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A craft beer/brewery website recently started in Chicago with a more open source flavor:

Feel free to contribute by adding beers or breweries or to email comments concerning Chicago brews to . Great post to support beer websites! Thank you.

MRMcDermott said:


Hey, Jeff, thanks for the love. I was wondering where all that increased traffic was coming from. Surely not just trying to keep the list of places with Bell's 9,000 updated!

Enjoy Your St. Pat's

Mark McDermott, Chicago Craft Beer Examiner

beercraving said:

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The beer scene in Chi town looks awesome. It'd be great if you guys could share some of your beers on the website

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