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Growlers in Chicago 2

Rohit Naimpally

Pol Sci, Econ and Cricket geek who loves a good pint

Apropos of Jeff's original "Growlers in Chicago" post, I thought it only fair that we put our money where our mouth is. To that effect, I've been journeying around the Chicagoland area in a bid to explore the growler scene some more, giving me the chance to try a whole lot of fresh beer.

Most of the beers listed below are still available at the breweries/brewpubs (approximately at the prices mentioned by Jeff), so I would suggest making your own growler run asap.



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jsopiarz said:

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Can I ask where to exactly (and when) you made that successful Batch 9000 run?

And, I'm happy to see this growler follow-up. Do you know, while I like that FFF only charges $12 for the growler, why they don't refill them? Is it an Indiana thing?

Rohit Naimpally said:


Family Liquors in Homewood had acquired 3 cases last Wednesday and we made our trip down there that very evening- good thing too, since we managed to buy the last 6-pack (out of the 12 that were originally there). I haven't heard of any other place that is still carrying the Batch 9000 in bottles, but Brixie's and Local Option both have it on tap. I opened up a bottle earlier: pretty sweet and heavy on the licorice flavors, well worth trying.

As far as growlers go, I didn't know that FFF doesn't refill growlers- bit of a shame really. I obtained a Revolution growler today, filled up with their delicious Black Power Oatmeal Stout, so the collection is growing. I suggest trying the Black Power; the latest batch of the Fist of Gold is also tastier than the first one.

jsopiarz said:

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Thanks. Family Liquors is a great spot. Couple weeks ago I was lucky enough to get their last bottle of FFF Lord Admiral Nelson ESB. I'll try that 9000 eventually; it looks like Bavarian Lodge has a keg waiting to be tapped, too.

Scored a growler of Revolution's Anti-Hero IPA the night they ran out. I thought that was a really solid beer. I'll have to try the stout.

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