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My name is Mike Burzawa and I'll be your host this season for as many games as ChicagoNow and my schedule will allow. A little about me. I've been a Bears fan my entire life, but my fandom turned into passion during the 1985 season, where an impressionable 6th grader turned from casual fan into a fanatic.

I remember running down the street with my friends after the Bears won Super Bowl XX to cash in our free Big Mac coupons and my parents letting me stay home from school to watch the parade the next day like they were yesterday.

I'm happily married to my beautiful wife Jessica and am the proud father of my 7 month old son Cooper. (I tried to name him Walter Payton Burzawa, but my wife only let's my Bears passion go so far!)

For the past 15 years, my friends and I have been going on an annual trip to see a Bears road game. I've visited a lot of different NFL cities and met a bunch of different fans and am here to tell you that Chicago Bears fans are second to none! (We're heading to Seattle this year, so give me a shout if you're heading to the Emerald City for the Week 3 festivities!)

I've been the lead blogger at Bear Goggles On, the Chicago Bears outlet on the Fansided Sports Network since last December, so I'm really excited about the opportunity to cover a full season. During the week, I'll post my thoughts and ramblings there, so if you like what you see here, check it out. You can also follow me on Twitter here.

Just like the players and coaches need a week to prepare for Game Day, so do we as fans. I'll be offering some relevant Game Day posts here during the week as well, so check in regularly to get yourself ready for Game Day.

As I told the folks at ChicagoNow, we consume football in a very different way these days. We've got laptops, iPhones, the Red Zone Channel, Twitter, FaceBook, etc. to track every play, score and hit that happens on Game Day. Our goal here at Bears Game Day is to be your one-stop shop to get all things Chicago Bears and football in one handy little corner of the web.

I'll be pulling in Tweets and Twitpics, providing a running commentary of the action and when guest bloggers from the opposing teams are up to the task, lobbing insults back and forth. I'll try to get some fantasy football results and anything else that makes sense.

This will also be your place to vent and comment on the action as it unfolds. This is your site as much as it is mine, so if you have suggestions, please feel free to e-mail me at So pull up a seat and enjoy the ride.

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