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Setting up a Super Bowl Office Pool

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

It's been forever and a day since I posted anything on Game Day but since the Super Bowl matchup is set, there's no better time to set up the traditional Super Bowl Squares office pool.

You've probably noticed Crazy Betting Guy wandering around your office with a grid of squares in one hand and a envelope of cash in the other and thought to yourself, "what the heck is that guy doing?"  Well, let me be of some assistance.  Here's how to set up your very own Super Bowl Squares Office Pool via this handy little slide show.
Check out an old post I did at Bear Goggles On for your odds of winning with certain number combinations based on results from the first 41 Super Bowls.  It's not perfect, but gives you an idea.  Common football numbers and multiples work best - 0's, 3's, 7's.  5's and 8's are not so good. 

If you've got questions, jump on the Comments and someone will jump in to help you out.  Play responsibly and enjoy the game!



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Eric Spring said:

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It gives guys like this a chance to be somebody for a few days before returning to the monotony of their daily drudgery at their corporate cubical.

What a waste of life indeed.

playmonkeyball said:

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To follow up on the comment in the article about good numbers and bad numbers.... this link has LOADS of data on which #s are good and which are bad --

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