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Lovie Smith is not a Legitimate Coach

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On


Either Lovie Smith is galactically stupid or believes that we are.   Check out this quote from today's presser (via Moon Mullin's piece on CSN Chicago):

"I think you have to look at what's happened this year," Smith insisted. "As I look at our losses, three of them were legitimate losses. The other five, we were right in there, had opportunities.

"So to say that we're that far away, I wouldn't necessarily say that. I think this is a good core we have in place right now but nothing ever stays the same. There's no reason why we can't [reach the 2010 playoffs]."

OK Lovie, I'll take the bait.  Let's go through the schedule and see if we can figure out the three "legitimate" losses:

Week 1 @ Green Bay: Bears 15, Packers 21 L

Week 2 Pittsburgh: Bears 17, Steelers 14 W

Week 3 @ Seattle: Bears 25, Seahawks 19 W

Week 4 Detroit: Bears 48, Lions 24 W

Week 6 @Atlanta: Bears 14, Falcons 21 L

Week 7 @Cincinnati: Bears 10, Bengals 45 L

Week 8 Cleveland: Bears 30, Browns 6 L

Week 9 Arizona: Bears 21, Cardinals 41 L

Week 10 @ San Fran: Bears 6, 49ers 10 L

Week 11 Philadelphia: Bears 20, Eagles 24 L

Week 12 @Minnesota: Bears 10, Vikings 36 L

Week 13 St. Louis: Bears 17, Rams 9 W

Week 14 Green Bay: Bears 14, Packers 21 L

In case you haven't noticed, I've taken the liberty of highlighting what I believe Lovie is considering the Bears' "legitimate" losses. 

So what exactly qualifies as a legitimate loss?  Is the the opponent scoring at least 36 points?  How about a margin of defeat of 20 points?

So in Lovie's system you would only get half an L for an illegitimate loss and a full L for a legitimate loss.  By that count, the Bears only have 5.5 losses. 

But wait, by Lovie's math, how many wins do the Bears have?  And by wins, I mean legitimate wins. 

There's the Week 4, 48-24 win against the Lions, which was tied at halftime.  Do the Lions get a 1/4 win for hanging around in the first half?

Then there's the Week 8, 24-point win over the Browns.  Some people called it an ugly win, but by Lovie's ranking system, that's a legit win.

The other three wins all came against teams with losing records.  Heck, what seemed like the Bears signature win, the Week 2 victory over the defending champion Pittsburgh Steelers is muted by a down season by Steelers, who just lost to the woeful Browns last week. 

Lovie, Lovie Lovie.  The NFL only has two columns in the standings that matter - Wins and Losses.  There are no moral victories and there are no illegitimate losses.  You are what your record says you are and right now, you're a loser.



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brayo said:


One can only tolerate Lovie's glass half full, "brighter day", sunny disposition for so long. I would be willing to give him a break if only he showed some real anger for once. This team sucks, its that simple. He should stop trying to please his players and start kicking some butt around!

jack lacan said:


I think what Lovie is saying is that he would like the NFL to have "do overs" --- after someone gives hands him a winning team.

Frankly I thought I was alone in delusional - magical - thinking.

Put some arrows on the floor heading towards the door for Lovie to follow.

jack lacan said:


p.s. --- He probably has enough money to buy one of those islands near Elin near Sweden. Bear weather and peace.

Chicago Fan Stuck In NE said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

It is a shame that Smith is that out of touch with reality of how bad he and his coaching staff is. Things have been going progressively downhill since the loss to the Colts in Super Bowl XLI and does not appear to be getting closer to being the right way. I do not blame Smith for all of the ineptness that this team shows. I put blame on Angelo for his lack of thinking and truly being able to evaluate talent. The sooner that the two of them are gone from Lake Forrest the better off we'll all be as fans and supporters of this team.

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