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The Bears ARE who we thought they were - Not a playoff team

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

We came into this week's game mocking Dennis Green and his "The Bears are who we thought they were!" tirade

and leave today imitating this famous rant:

The Bears are who we thought they were - a bad team.  It's the team we were afraid they were when they got bombed by the Bengals a couple of weeks ago.  It's the team we were concerned about when they "won ugly" against the Browns last week.

Lovie Smith told us that a win is a win and a loss only counts as one loss.  That Lovie is good at math.  Too bad he's not as good at coaching.  

It's pretty safe to pull a sheet over the 2009 season and fit the Bears with a toe tag.  At this point, the deficiencies are just too many to overcome. 

Playoff teams don't give up 31 first half points and certainly don't allow it to happen twice in a three week span.

Playoff teams can stop opponents on third down once in a while.

Playoff teams don't get field goals blocked and they certainly don't let the opponents return the blocked field goal 59 yards. 

Playoff teams can protect their franchise quarterback.

Playoff teams have more than 5 rushing attempts by their feature running back.

Playoff teams don't let the lowest ranked rushing attack to rack up a season high in rushing yards. 

Playoff teams don't commit stupid penalties.

Playoff teams show a sense of urgency when trailing by 4 scores in the third quarter.  The Bears took their time to huddle up.  And if they were conceding, why do it with Jay Cutler at the helm?  To wait for him to get injured?

Playoff teams don't have players that punch opponents in the face and get kicked out of the game on the 4th stinkin' play.  It's called discipline.  The Bears have none.  

Playoff teams don't lose by 20. At home.

The Bears are not a playoff team.  Not in 2009.  Rest in peace 2009 season, you died way too young. 



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jk80906 said:

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You poor souls keep saying "...franchise quarterback..." over and over again, as though by saying it enough times, you will make it so.

Face it: Your JayBaby is a career loser. He came to Chicago as a career loser in the NFL, halfway through the season he is still a career loser, and at the end of his career, wherever he ends up, he will still be a CAREER LOSER.

You guys bought a pig in a poke - a whiney, mouthy, pouting little piglet.

We're laughing in Denver.

Mike Burzawa said:


jk - In the history of quarterbacks in Chicago, Jay is a franchise quarterback. They have traded draft picks and invested money in him like he's one. It's too bad they forgot to add talent around him.

When he came here from Denver, all you heard was how he had no running game and no defense in Denver. Well, different verse, same as the first. He's in Chicago and has no defense and no running game. Maybe that's his fault too.

IrishSweetness said:


Enjoy looking for a replacement for Jay the next 20 or so years ...

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