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Jay Cutler and Rob Ryan Talking Trash (Video)

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

Jay Cutler and Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan exchanged pleasantries with about 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter of the Bears 30-6 win over the Browns on Sunday.

The Bears failed to cash in on another red zone opportunity and turned it over on downs to the Browns.  Cutler and Ryan had the following exchange, courtesy of the NFL (all rights reserved).  (H/T to my guy Shea at Blog Down Chicago Bears for the video clip).

The quality of the video is not great, so for those who have trouble reading lips, Ryan gives Jay the old "F*CK YOU!" at about the 10 second mark of the video.  Tell us how you really feel Rob. Don't hold back.
Jay brushed off the exchange in his post game presser, citing his

Fox Sport's John Czarnecki had this to say:

In Chicago, Rob's Cleveland defense is playing as well as possible, considering the injuries and a totally ineffective offense. During the week, the Browns defensive coordinator took exception to Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers saying that Green Bay's scout team ran Cleveland's defensive scheme better than the Browns' actual defense did two Sundays ago.

However, Ryan was plenty more livid on the sidelines with 4:56 left in the game against the Bears when Jay Cutler tried to throw a touchdown pass on fourth down and goal. Three previous plays from the two-yard line failed to produce any Chicago points; moral victory to the Browns.

I can read lips pretty well and Ryan's response to Cutler's failed attempt was filled with one expletive after another.

And who can blame him? Why rub it in poor Cleveland's face?

Why should Cutler be padding his stats with a 23-6 lead? If you want some more points, kick a field goal. Come on, anybody who has watched the Browns' offense the past month knows that Derek Anderson & Co. can't even generate a simple touchdown. They have scored three offensive touchdowns in their last seven games.
I think you could argue that you are running up the score when you kick a field goal.  Trying to punch it in at least gives the other team a chance to stop it. 

Besides, with the Bears' struggles in the red zone this season, they need all the work they can get. 

Lighten up Rob!  You'll be heading to the unemployment line along with Mangina soon enough.  



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cdaniels3 said:

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In 2001 the Bears were losing to the Browns by 14 points with 30 seconds left. The Bears won that game. A 17 point lead with 5 minutes to go is hardly insurmountable. The Bears were NOT "running up the score". If you're the Bears at that point and think you can get the touchdown, GET IT!!

Mike Burzawa said:


Couldn't agree more. You want to keep from getting the score run up, how about you try stopping someone.

Thanks for bringing up that game. I was there! They scored the Hail Mary touchdown at the end zone right in front of me to tie it up at the end of regulation and then Brownie (moment of silence for the departure of Mike Brown) picked off a pass in OT for back to back walkoff winners. Damn that was a fun season!

KyleOrton said:

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Well I guess Jay Cutler can talk trash to the Browns because he is better than them and he only did throw it to them once. How about those 5 INTS against San Francisco??? I hope the 49ers send him a thank you card because they tried to give that game to the Bears but Cutler gave it right back. What a great guy.
Love, Kyle Orton

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