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Cutler leads 49ers to victory with 5 INT's

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

Jay Cutler led the San Francisco 49ers to victory on Thursday night.  No, there were no strange trades made today, Cutler is still a member of the Bears (unfortunately), but you sure couldn't tell that by the number of balls he threw to the 49ers. 

Jay Cutler threw FIVE interceptions on Thursday night as the Bears fell to the 49ers 10-6.  It was a pitiful offensive performance for a quarterback who still managed to throw for over 300 yards, but his night will be CLEARLY judged by the picks.  I posted links to all of 5 of them here.  Yes, all 5. 

People can make excuses for Cutler about receivers falling down, bad snaps, lack of protection, etc. but this inexcusable.  I won't repeat myself; I already bitched enough about Cutler on Bear Goggles On enoggh for one night.

As I said after last week's loss to Arizona, pull the sheet over the 2009 season.  Tonight, Samurai Mike and the Niners tied the toe tag on the Bears.

Check out some images from the game in the slideshow below and some other notes after the jump. 

Believe it or not, there were some positives to take away.

  • The defense showed up.  Congrats to Vernon Davis and his smack talking for doing what Rod Marinelli hasn't done for weeks - motivate the defensive line.
  • Lance Briggs is a man among boys out there.  If not for a stupid offsides penalty, he would have had a great INT of his own.
  • Hey - Tommie Harris made it through the game without getting kicked out.  And that crazy nutjob actually played well.  Maybe there's hope for him.  Maybe.  Now the trick - consistency.
  • The Bears turnover unit, I mean offense, moved the ball and moved it pretty well.  Just something about that thing at the end.  I think it's called scoring.  They must practice that on Fridays. 
  • The Bears may have found a play that works - the screen pass.  They picked up big chunks of yardage when they ran them to Forte. 
  • On those screens, wasn't it nice to see Kreutz and Beekman leading the way downfield blowing people up?
  • Robbie Gould hit another 50 yard field goal.  That makes 2 for his career.  Too bad it had to come after he made a 45 yarder that was waved off for a delay of game penalty.  Yes, a delay of game.  On a field goal attempt.  This is Chicago Bears football.



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