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Top 10 Things to do on a Bears Bye Weekend

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

So what is a crazed, fanatical, ridiculous Bears fans supposed to do during the Bears BYE this weekend?  Here are some ideas.  How about 10 of em?

Thumbnail image for cutler olsen couples retreat.jpg

Vince Vaughn, Jay Cutler and Greg Olsen attend the Chicago Premiere of Couples Retreat

1. Go see a movie

The Chicago International Film Festival just opened on Thursday night.  It runs from October 8 - 22.  For more info click here.

For those less-refined movie buffs, Couples Retreat, the new Vince Vaughn comedy is premiering this weekend.  Jay Cutler and Greg Olsen had a little "couples retreat" of their own at the Chicago premiere earlier this week, so it's somewhat Bears related, right?

2, Check out the MLB playoffs

Thumbnail image for mlb-logo.jpg
Nah - too painful without our local boys of summer playing into the fall.  I'm still having a hard time to pick a team to root for.  I hate the Yankees, Dodgers and Cardinals

I am jealous of the Red Sox for breaking their curse and leaving the Cubs behind as the only cursed team left in baseball.

I don't care for the Phillies or Angels.  Too red for me. 

I can't stand to see another expansion team like the Rockies win a title before the Cubs win another one.  I guess that leaves me with the Twins.  At least if they win, it'll piss of White Sox fans.  

3, College Football

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for ChiefIlliniwek-746505.jpg

U of I's Homecoming game against Michigan State is on Saturday afternoon.  See if the benching of Juice Williams can ignite my disappointing alma mater. I-L-L!!!  I-N-I!!!

Meanwhile, Northwestern hosts Miami (Ohio) in Evanston. 

Aside from the local action, #1 Florida takes on #4 LSU.  Will the recently-concussed Tim Tebow play?  Can the Gators win without him?

4. Hey, it's Hockey Season already!
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for chiblackhawks.png

The Blackhawks home opener vs Colorado is on Saturday night. And they show the home games on TV now, so even if you can't get a ticket, you can still see the upstart Hawks in action.

5. The Chicago Marathon

Thumbnail image for finalmarathon3.png

Ya right!  I don't run unless someone is chasing me.  I don't drive 26.2 miles through downtown Chicago unless the CTA bus I have to drive because the driver has been seriously wounded is about to explode.  But for some, this sounds like fun.  You've still got a couple of days to start training.

6. Do some advanced scouting

Even though the Beloved aren't playing on Sunday, there's no shortage of NFL action on Sunday.  On the local airwaves, the Vikings at Rams and Steelers at Lions are the early games, while Tom Brady takes his New England Patriots to Mile High to face the surprising Kyle Orton-led 4-0 Denver Broncos in the 3 o'clock game.
The Colts head to Tennessee to face the 0-4 Titans iin the Sunday night game. 
Man, I'd love to see the Bears' next opponent, the Falcons at San Fran.  It's not on locally, so you might have to go out to a bar.  

7. Spend time with your family (GASP!)

lincoln park zoo.JPG

Take your kids to the zoo. Go to a pumpkin patch.  Re-acquaint yourself with your football widow wife - if she'll have you!      

8. Work on that damn Honey-Do List

Finish up your yardwork for the season.  Time to winterize the lawn, rake the leaves, do all that stuff you've been putting off because the Bears are on every Sunday.

9. Tune up your snowblower

Have you seen the forecast for Monday? 

monday weather.JPG

Old man winter is lurking.  Be ready for him!

10. Start working on your Halloween Costume

It's never too early to dust off your fake mustache and Bears sweater for your Ditka costume.

Bears Trip 095.jpg
No matter what you do, enjoy a quick breather this weekend and don't plan for another weekend off until mid-February, unless of course we get a first round playoff bye. 

We'll be here every Sunday with our live Game Day blog to cover each and every game.   




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