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Awful Effort as Bears fall to Falcons

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

The Bears fell to the Falcons 21-14 on Sunday night in what could at best be called a game of missed opportunities by the most die-hard, homer Bears fan. I know; I followed each and every play in my live game blog.   If you'd rather see the highlight package, go here

At it's worst, this game was a complete mess, complete with sloppy penalties, mental mistakes, fumbles, interceptions, blown assignments, lousy coverage.  All phases of the game left a lot to be desired.   I offer more breakdown here

The defense started out strong, but fell apart with a simple no-huddle offense by the Falcons picked them apart.  Matt Ryan picked apart the Bears Cover-2 defense like a hot knife through butter. 

Not sure why it took all the way until halftime for the Bears to adjust.  Post game comments seemed to indicate that the plays were slow coming from the sideline.  Isn't that Lovie's job? 

The offense seemed to come out strong, but Jay Cutler's aversion to bright lights continued, as he threw another critical interception in the red zone to stall the Bears and keep them from scoring. 

The bus that the Bears supposed come off of running must be stuck in the mud.  Jay Cutler led the Bears in rushing with 34 yards.  Not Matt Forte.  Not Garrett Wolfe.  The scrambling QB led the running attack. 

The offensive line is just plain pitiful.  Frank Omiyale is going to have a rough time in the film room on Monday.  In my opinion, the Bears should make him hitchhike home.  Even Orlando Pace had a breakdown with a penalty on a crucial 4th down as Jay Cutler tried some more late-game heroics. 

Even the special teams failed on Sunday.  After the Bears had knotted the game at 14 in the 4th quarter, they allowed a giant 62-yard kickoff return to set up the Falcons for the go-ahead score.

This game is not quite as painful as last season's 11 second disaster, but a loss is still a loss.  The effort put forth by this Bears team coming off a Bye week is absolutely inexcusable. 

Does this game spell doom for the Bears?  Absolutely not.  But just as last season's loss to Atlanta, when you are sitting at home in mid-January watching the playoffs instead of playing in them, these games will haunt you.

This game stings even more because the Ravens missed a 44-yard field goal that would have knocked off the Vikings.  Instead, Minnesota moved to 6-0 and the Bears fall 2.5 games back.

Plenty more coverage throughout the ChicagoNow network and Bear Goggles On.      No time to cry about the loss, Cedric Benson and the Bengals await.



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Brian Moore said:


O-line is the biggest issue if you ask me. D dosen't have to worry about Forte anymore, because we ain't blocking for him. Now, the D can try to cover the receivers, putting it all on Jay. Not that he minds. I'm sure he likes all the offense flowing through him, but one star quarterback with a cannon for an arm doesn't equal instant success. Just ask Marino. Not that Cutler is Marino.

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