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Wale Out of Line Scolding Boo Birds

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

Those who know me best call me Boomer.  It's a nickname I've had since Pee Wee football.  This week, I thought I'd introduce a piece that Ive been running on Bear Goggles On for a while now called LOWER THE BOOM, where I vent my frustrations on someone or something that's gotten under my skin.

This week, the target of my vitriol is my "colleague" from ChicagoNow, the Chicago Bears' own Adewale Ogunleye.  In his blog, Wale's World, Ogunleye gives us the unique perspective of a professional football player.  It's an insight that a very select few will ever have, so we should appreciate that he takes time out to share with us.

In his most recent blog post, Wale talked up the Bears first win of the season and reflected on the keys to success in the great win over the defending champion Steelers.  Great stuff.  Then, things took an unpleasant turn:

I am happy for the team and for the city. We should never lose at home. 

Speaking of home, I can't believe the fans that booed us. I know I am talking to a select few but please tell those fans to stay home. How can we have home field advantage if the other team feels the disbelief from the crowd. Teams sense that and feed off it.

Please don't ever give up. Always keep the faith. This is your team and your city.
Wale, Wale, Wale.  I love what you do on the gridiron, but leave the boo birds to do their thing.  You rightfully recognize that that the boo birds are "a select few" but be careful in telling fans to stay home. 

Don't forget that without the fans, you don't earn a living.  It's the fans that pay your salary through purchasing tickets, merchandise, etc. 

As much as you are a competing on the football field, you're also in the entertainment business and you're competing for fans' entertainment dollar. If I spent my hard-earned dough on a ticket to the game, I've purchased the right to express my opinions, both good and bad. 

It's got to be difficult doing your job with millions of prying eyes watching you work.  I get antsy if my boss wants to look over my shoulder while I'm working. 

When fans boo, they do so because they care.  They boo because they don't like what's going on with the play calling or the execution.  They're booing a draw play on 3rd and long or allowing the opponent to convert another 3rd and long of their own.  Just as you get caught up in the action and let your emotions get the best of your at times, so do fans.   

What would be worse is fans who don't give a crap and are indifferent and don't show up. Look at what's going on in Jacksonville and some other NFL cities where the economy has hit fans particularly hard. 

Wouldn't you rather play in front of a packed house of passionate fans screaming and going nuts on every play than half empty stands? 

My final parting shot is at the handful of folks who commented on your blog, ripping on fans who boo. 

Wake up people! 

I know that some will say, "What the hell do you know?  You played Pee Wee football!"  True.  I may not be a chef, but I know when I've been served a bad meal, even if it's from my our favorite restaurant, I have a right to complain.   

Expect more of the Beloved Bears.  Hold them to the highest standard, a Championship standard.  Support them with all your heart!  When the defense is on the field in a 3rd and long and the opposing QB is trying to audible, scream your head off. 

Cheer when they stuff the running back for a 2 yard loss and feel free to boo when the safety bites up on a play action pass and gets burned for a 50-yard bomb that costs them the game.




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BDG said:


Making a mountain out of a mole hill. Waste of time writing this article.

the dude said:

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After we just beat the Super Bowl champs why are people getting angry with fans booing? Wale and the booing fans are wasting their time with this issue. We played a close game versus the Steelers throughout the game and eventually won the game! Relax, people. The booing fans are meatheads who were lucky to be waterboys for their high school football team. Wale shouldn't be concerned at all with a few fans who boo after such a great performance by the Bears. Now, if we are losing to Detroit when we play them this year then I will be booing right along with the rest of the fans.

Mike Burzawa said:


Great points above that I missed in my commentary. Wale should be worrying about adding to his sack total and not what's going on with the crowd.

IrishSweetness said:


He was referring to Bear fans booing at Kyle Orton on the video screen. He was right. What the hell are Bear fans booing at Kyle Orton for ? He's a Bronco. It's precisely because he's a Bronco that we have jay Cutler. No Kyle Orton, no Jay Cutler - what part of that do Bear fans not understand ? Does anybody actually believe that Jerry Angelo is some kind of genius because Jay Cutler is a Bear ? My mother could have made that trade and she hasn't got the first clue about football. But if I had said "Pro bowl QB good, game manager bad." and handed her a phone and a phone number along with as many picks as they wanted, the deal would have been done. Booing images of Kyle Orton. Drunken morons.

Now booing Rex Grossman .... that was okay. That's sending Jerry Ego a message ......

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