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Bears Win Over Vikings Has Lovie Smith Smiling

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

Breaking News - Lovie Smith can smile.  Next thing you know, Pam Oliver will be telling him he's got nice teeth!  A win over the crumbling Brett Favre-led Vikings can make anyone crack a smile.  Check out Lovie's pearly whites:

lovie smith smile.jpg

Lovie Smith congratulates his players in Sunday's 27-13 win over the Minnesota Vikings. (Photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune)

Check out our fearless leader's presser after today's victory:

Don't look now, but the Bears are back in first place in the NFC North and the Vikings are all but done.

This is tough for me to admit as a rabid anti-Lovite, but this defense is getting that Super Bowl look to it.  The Favre collapse notwithstanding, when you hold Adrian Peterson to just 51 yards rushing you are legit.

Another genius move - one that everyone short of Virginia McCaskey has been calling for - is putting Devin Hester back on kick returns.  Hester, though without a return touchdown, was electric in the return game.

I don't know if Lovie has anything to do with the offensive turnaround - namely the balanced attack that they've been bringing - but even this dysfunctional group seems to be getting their act together.  

It's a short week with the Bears heading down to Miami for a Thursday night game against the Dolphins, so no time to celebrate.  No time for Lovie to keep smiling.



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jack said:

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No post for about 2-1/2 weeks. I guess with a winning season almost assured, is this going to become like the "Fire Joe Pa" blog of a couple of years ago, which became the "Congrats, Joe Pa" blog.

With a potential strike next year, the Bears aren't going to fire Lovie under these circumstances.

Is the Tribune Co. still cutting your check?

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