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Not Signing Bulger Will Cost the Bears

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

todd collins oh man.jpg

Todd Collins will get the nod at QB for the Bears against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday (Photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune)

In case you haven't heard, Jay Cutler will sit out Sunday's contest against the Carolina Panthers and Todd Collins will get the start fr the Bears.  First of all, Thank goodness that the independent physician didn't clear Cutler.  He may have saved the Bears' season.

I HATE HATE HATE that Todd Collins is starting over Caleb Hanie.  Collins looked horrible on Sunday night when called to duty in the second half of the Giants debacle, eventually taking a shot that would knock him out of the game.  Hanie came into the game and actually gave the impression that he was capable of fending for himself.

Here's what really irks me.  If the Bears didn't think that Hanie was a capable #2 QB, why didn't they sign a proven veteran like Marc Bulger to back up Cutler early in the offseason?  From the day Martz was hired, people were clamoring for Bulger. 

Martz himself even tried to lure Trent Green, one of his oldest pupils, out of retirement, but he wasn't foolish enough to leave his comfy TV gig.

Instead, all along Bears management told us how much they liked Caleb and how well he was doing.  He was Cutty's primary backup until a shoulder injury in the preseason (thanks to another pitiful offensive line performance) sent the Bears scrambling for backups. 

By that time, just weeks before the season started, the music had stopped and Todd Collins was about the only guy left who hadn't found a chair in the game of backup quarterback musical chairs.

In fact, after Hanie got hurt the Bears tried again in vain to lure Green out of retirement and even reached out to Collins, but because they were unwilling to give him a guaranteed deal, his arrival in camp was postponed a week while Matt Gutierrez stopped by for a cup of coffee.

All the while, the Bears could have had Bulger, who ended up in Baltimore to back up Joe Flacco.  Why couldn't the Bears and former Bulger boss Martz lure him to Chicago for the same backup job in Chicago?  Knowing the McCaskeys, it probably had something to do with money.

The Bears made a HUGE mistake not signing a legit backup early in the offseason.  If they lose on Sunday, and especially if Cutler misses any substantial time recovering from his concussion, that mistake will be a costly one! 



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Linda S. said:

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M. Bulger signed with the Raven for $3.8 million. Signing a backup for nearly $4 million makes no sense after they had just given J. Cutler an extension for more than $20 million guaranteed.

So they sign a veteran backup, T. Collins, and you want C. Hanie to start over him? A guy who has 0.0 experience over a guy who has more than 15 years of experience?

Think about the crap you're writing before you do it because you come off as an idiot.

Linda S.

Mike Burzawa said:


Linda - I can only believe that you're somehow related to Todd Collins or you're blind. Did you watch the second half of last Sunday's game? Collins was completely lost out there. Just because he has 15 years experience doesn't make him better than Hanie. At least Hanie can move around a little bit. And if he's sooo much better than Hanie, why didn't the Bears go sign him in April, May, June or July? Through that entire time, he was on the street and Hanie was Cutler's primary backup.

Mike Burzawa said:


Oh Linda! Where are you??? Still president of the Todd Collins fan club? Which of his 4 interceptions was your favorite? A not-so-wise person once told be "Think about the crap you're writing before you do because you come off as an idiot."

Gary Dean said:


Collins so-called years of experience left him with NO-EXCUSES for a sad performance on Sunday. I'm not a Hanie fan either Linda, but Collins never should have been signed. LeFevour would have played better. Letting him go was a mistake...

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