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McCaskey Thinks Lovie is a, uh, Terrific Coach

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

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Lovie Smith and Michael McCaskey chat before the Bears season opener against the Lions. (Photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune)

Not even Michael McCaskey believes in Lovie Smith.  No, he didn't say it straight out, but I'm an expert at reading between the lines.  Actually, it hardly takes an expert.  Check out this quote from Phil Hersch's interview with the Bears' retiring chairman:

Tribune: Short of reaching the Super Bowl, can you envision a scenario in which the Bears could extend Smith's contract before the end of the 2011 season? Will he have to complete his current contract before receiving a new one? And then the overriding question ...

McCaskey: It's way too early to worry about those kinds of things. Lovie is doing a, uh, is a terrific coach and I have all the confidence in him in the world. We have got to win more games and finish stronger at the end of the season, but in my mind there is no requirement he win the Super Bowl in order to continue on as the Bears' head coach.
What's with the hemming and hawing?  "Lovie is doing, a, uh..." Anyone will tell you that those kind of pauses and uh, lapses indicate a deception.   And why would Hersch put that in?  A lot of times a reporter will edit the quotes to make them more readable.  He put it in there because he wants you to know that a, uh, what McCaskey thinks without actually saying it.  He wants you to know that if it wasn't about the money, Lovie would be a, uh, gone.



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winstonchill29 said:


What does Mike McCaskey's opinion have to do with anything?? Misery loves company! The Bears franchise is nothing but a "cashcow" to this moron. He knows nothing about running a football operation. Just the fact that this moron is even commenting about the Bears in public at all is very disturbing. Take the McCaskey's and their little dog Ted Phillips and their puppet master Jerry "Gapetto" Angelo and Lovie "Pinocchio" Smith and his staff of misfits and GO AWAY!

Bears STH said:


The "Lovie is doing, a, uh..." is all that needs to be read.

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