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Bears Must FIRE LOVIE SMITH and Jerry Angelo Immediately

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On


The Bears must FIRE LOVIE SMITH today!

There is still time to save the season.  There is still time to make something of an NFC where there are no dominant teams.  Just to give a sense of that, reigning world champion New Orleans just lost at home to the Cleveland Browns.  Yes, the Cleveland Browns. 

With the Bears losing two straight winnable conference home games in disappointing fashion, the time is NOW to FIRE LOVIE SMITH AND JERRY ANGELO.  This team looks flat, uninspired, unmotivated, un-everything.  It's time to shake things up.  With a bye week this week and the last seemingly easy, winnable game against Buffalo the week after that, now is the time to start anew.

The watchword at Halas Hall has been accountability.  Where is that for this coaching staff?  Who is being held accountable for these two losses.  Remember those surprising wins at Dallas and against Green Bay?   Those wins have been canceled out with these two latest losses.   

Jerry Angelo must be fired for falling asleep at the wheel since Super Bowl XLI.  He has put this team into an untenable situation with swiss cheese for an offensive line and a sieve for a defensive front.  What's worse, his offensive tackles or his defensive tackles?  Name a high round pick of Jerry Angelo's that is even marginal? 

Greg Olsen?  Except for the rarest of occasions, unless the ball is placed between the 8 and 2 on the front of his jersey, he's not catching it. 

Chris Williams?  He still has Albert Haynesworth's cleat marks on the front of his jersey, getting completely bowled over from his new left guard spot?  Is there another position we can try him out at?  How about left out?


Lovie Smith must be fired for neutering the most storied franchise in the NFL.  He must be fired for destroying the legacy of Mike Ditka and Papa Bear Halas.  He must be fired for turning the Monsters of the Midway into a punchline.  Would the Monsters of the Midway consistently fail to be able to punch the ball in from the 1-yard line?  Would the Monsters of the Midway look so ill-prepared week after week? 

This team doesn't have a pulse, it's questionable if they have a heart.  You can put this on Mike Martz's doorstep, but Lovie hired Martz.  He threw Ron Turner under the very bus he claimed to get off of running to save his own skin and promised us change.  All we've gotten is disappointment and frustration.  All we've gotten is more of the same.   It's time for change we can believe in.  It's time to FIRE LOVIE!



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Matt Lo Cascio said:


Greg Olsen makes a lot of tough catches. And as much as you wish Lovie and co. will get fired, it's never gonna happen right now.

winstonchill29 said:


You forgot to mention the McCaskey's family "pet" Ted Phillips! If anyone should be the first to go, it's this guy! He's the one who in charge and it starts right there! Actually, it starts with the McCaskey family, unfortunately, we're stuck with these spoiled brats, it would seem forever. This organization has no clue about accountability!

Grizzly907 said:

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I say can Lovie, Martzs, Angelo and put Cutler and the O line on notice. Get someone like Bill Cowher to coach them. Its time for some foot to ass.

PapaBear said:

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I think the real culprit is Jerry and not Lovie. When he was given good players he did good. 2006 and 2007 drafts. Look at the team. Where is the talent in our team. The defensive tackles are bad that they cannot get sacks. The OL is the worst in the league. Look at the Green Bay and Minnesota.They have talent all over the roster. Even the Lions have talented players. I bet lovie will be a great coach if he has decent talent. Our talent is the linebackers alone.

bearsfan25 said:

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so Peppers Briggs and Urlacher arent talent, the talents there buddy, Martz and Lovie dont know how to use it, Martz is the problem, this aint St Louis, theres no O Line, no Pace on the left side, he needs a healthy o line for his offense, Cutler cant be Cutler when hes eaten alive

Mike Burzawa said:


You mention talent on the defense. Where is the talent on the offensive side of the ball, besides Cutler? Wasn't it Jerry's job to surround Cutler with talent and an O-line?

winstonchill29 said:


Lovie is an idiot. His pride is getting the best of him. He blew the game against Washington because he knew he botched the first challenge on the Earl Bennett TD. He should've done what was right and challenged Cutler's TD on the goal line. The Bears would've been up 21-10! A completely different game.... Moron's shouldn't be allowed to run a professional football team...especially one's with ego's as tall as the John Hancock building!

bearsfan25 said:

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Yep, that'll get us to the playoffs, fire the coach, haha, idiot, firing the coach is a step back, if u havent noticed, we are better than last year and will be better when we have the same o line every week,

Mike Burzawa said:


Hey Bearsfan25 - check back with me in 4 more weeks and tell me you still believe we're better than last year. Lovie totally blew the game last week in a season when wins will be tough to come by.

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