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Why I HATE the Packers

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

charles martin hit list.jpg

Charles Martin's "Hit List" when he body slammed Jim McMahon.

If you've noticed yourself with a shorter fuse than usual or a little more fired up this week, it could very well be that you're just a diehard Bears fan and it's Packers week.  I don't even think the most die-hard among us do it consciously; it's more like a reflex.  It's inborn. 

In today's NFL, many of the players are friends.  They great each other before the game; they seek each other out and hug it out afterwards, win or lose.  Some might go to dinner together.  This is far from your father's or grandfather's NFL. 

Back in the good old days (and I realize I'm dating myself), players would never socialize with the opponents.  They HATED each other. 

In case you haven't heard (or been living in a cave), the Bears-Packers rivalry is the oldest in football.  It used to be the most heated, most intense.  There was real emotion there, not just coaches grandstanding to fans making a goal to "beat the Packers" and rhetoric like that.

Part of what makes a rivalry intense is a sense of competition.  At the end of the Ditka era and throughout the 90's and early 2000's, the rivalry fizzled.  Part of that is the changing NFL.  Free agency made players more mobile and not a rooted to a certain team.  Part of the fizzle was the fact the Packer consistently beat us.  It's not a rivalry when it's not competitive.  

The Bears are bringing back the Monster of the Midway moniker from the 19040's.  It's also time to bring back the rivalry.    

Why do I hate the Packers? Why should you hate them too?  Just watch this!





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pack67 said:

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interesting how Walter Payton grabs Lee's facemask and pull him out of bounds and continues to hold on to it......what was Lee supposed to do? He pushes him off then gets flagged for a personal foul. What a load of garbage

RedDragon said:

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Yup. Typical Packer fan. Blames Payton for being slammed out of bounds. I suppose McMahon was to blame for Charles Martin slamming him into the ground? I remember Forrest Gregg's "Criminals" back in 85. Many of us Bear fans have long memories as I am sure some of you older Packer fans do.

duffmantoe said:

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Pack67, was McMahon holding Charles Martin's facemask when he spiked him to the turf? Typical cowardly Packers behavior.

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