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Predicting Bears Season with Opposing Cheerleaders

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

I've been on record saying this is going to be a rough season for the Beloved Bears.  I have struggled to get them to an 8-8 record. 

It's time to put my money where my mouth is with a game by game prediction.  Since the Bears don't have cheerleaders and to blunt the pain of what I expect to be a rough season, we'll use the Gallery of opposing cheerleaders below to go game by game.  
And that my friends is the anatomy of a 0.500 football team.  There will be ups and downs and it will be entertaining.  Will another season of missing the playoffs be enough to FIRE LOVIE SMITH?  I hope so.

What do you think?  What record do you predict for the Bears?  Which teams am I overrating? Which teams could give the Bears more of a challenge?  Light up the comments with your predictions, comments and criticism.  Buckle up for a rough ride!




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randini said:

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Not bad, but I think you're a little optimistic. The last game against the Packers COULD go that way, but I think they'll still want to beat the Bears no matter what. I'm not sure the Bears will beat both the Redskins and the Eagles - I'll give them one of the two. Not that I'm sure they'll beat the Lions both times, but let's give them the benefit of that doubt. So I'm thinking they'll realistically go 6-10, thus guaranteeing the end of the Lovie Smith Experiment. HOPEFULLY a 6-10 record after their recent signings will be enough to send Jerry Angelo packing as well. Then we just get them to fire Ted "I'm Really Still Just an Accountant" Phillips and old lady McCaskey sells the team to someone who genuinely cares, thus improving our football team and putting 20-30 McCaskey's on the unemployment line. It's a Win-Win situation.

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