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Negativity Spreading Like Wildfire Around Bears

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

I have been beating the FIRE LOVIE SMITH drum for some time now and I think it's finally starting to catch on.  A couple of local columnists have followed suit in ripping Bears management. 

First you have David Haugh calling for Ted Phillips, Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith take the fall together in hree Musketeers "all for one, one for all" fashion:

Here's Haugh:

The point isn't whether Phillips actually believes all the pep coming out of his mouth. Everybody in the NFL spews optimism this week. The point is Phillips publicly and unquestionably has reached the point of no return in aligning himself and his future with Angelo and Smith.

It dawned on me sometime during one of Phillips' defenses of the offensive line that it no longer is possible to distinguish one Bears boss from the others in terms of philosophy or vision. It now is shared responsibility and accountability. All or nothing for Jerry, Lovie ... and Ted.

No matter what transpired behind the scenes in an offseason where the Bears plugged the leaks of information at Halas Hall and rid themselves of nonbelievers, the triumvirate returned more unified than ever.

They're a package deal whether the season ends in the playoffs or in pieces. Either the trio will be laughing in January and serving crow or will be part of an organizational makeover that would be incomplete unless all three leave together.

Amen David! You're finally making some sense!  It's about time someone call out this three-headed monster for what it is. 

Then you flip over to the Sun Times and Rick Morrissey is questioning Lovie's credibility:

Morrissey asks the question that I asked weeks ago:

Now those passionate Bears fans are facing a very real quandary. Should they root for the team to do well, knowing a good season helps Smith and general manager Jerry Angelo keep their jobs? Or should they go against their nature and root for the team to lose, hoping to rid themselves of ineptness?
Glad he's reading my stuff, LOL!  As I said, for those die-hard Bears fans among us, we should look at this season as a no-lose situation: if the Bears lose, Lovie's gone.  If they win, despite the fact that Lovie will be back, we will have a winning and entertaining football season. 

We should cling to each of these games because if DeMaurice Smith is right, there might not be any football at all next season



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bearsvegas said:


Totally agree. I just posted a blog beardown or not to beardown... basically saying the same thing as Morrissey. While I could never cheer against the Bears, I would not shed a tear if we have a losing season.

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