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Is There a Silver Lining to Bears Winless Preseason?

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

The Bears wrapped up a winless preseason after dropping the finale to the Cleveland Browns 13-10.  There's doom and gloom in the air and things don't look good for our Beloved Bears.  But there could be a silver lining to this dark cloud.


Dave Wannstedt was the last coach to lead the Bears to a winless preseason. (Photo courtesy of

The last time the Bears went 0 for the preseason was 1998 which ended the Dave Wannstedt era.  You remember Wanny don't ya?  He's the coach that would always tell us, "we'll be fine" and "the "pieces are in place."  That last one sounds a lot like a GM in town. Eek!

Wanny perfected the are of telling you how except for one or two plays, the Bears should have won every game. That sounds a lot like a coach in town we all love to hate. 

Despite everything that Lovie and Co. will tell you about how the preseason doesn't matter, that ;98 Bears team which went 0-4 in the preseason went on to go 4-12 in the regular season to finish last in the then NFC Central. 

Wanny was ushered out of town and the Dave McGinnis er Dick Jauron era began. After that botched hiring, team President Michael McCaskey was sent to his room without supper and the Ted Phillips era began.  Maybe it would be fitting to have it come full circle now that Michael has announced he's stepping down as Chairman of the Board after this season.   

I'll admit that this 2010 version of the Bears has a hell of a lot more talent than that '98 squad.  I mean, when an end-of-the-road Edgar Bennett is your leading rusher for the season, it's not screaming loaded with talent.  Fair enough.  Maybe there is enough talent on this Bears team to overcome the major deficiencies along the offensive line and within the defensive scheme.  I sincerely hope so.

You might guess that I'm not a big fan of Lovie Smith and Bears management in general.  You would be correct.




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Dubsdread18 said:


nice history lesson. hadn't drawn the parallel until reading this. there are some weird similarities between the ways of wanny and lovie. on the flipside, i don't see the silver lining in the bears struggles. what makes anyone think losing lovie and angelo would improve things. winning is a result of talent. lovie, angelo and the media in this town have overrated opinions and expectations of the bears talent. the reality is the players they have aren't championship caliber including the guys hyped-up as 'stars' like cutler, urlacher, briggs. their only major talent is peppers and he's 30. so when the bears get over their current delusion and inevitable rebuilding stage begins, number 90 will be way past his prime by the time the bears are super bowl contenders.

Mike Burzawa said:


I don't think it's a coincidence that there are similarities between the ways of Lovie and Wannie. Dick Jauron seems to fit that mold too. The Bears love to hire first time head coaches for low $'s.

There is certainly plenty of blame to go around, which is why EVERYONE MUST GO - Lovie, Jerry and even Teddy. Let's rebuild this thing from the ground up.

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