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Becoming Part of the Fire Lovie Smith Movement

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

The Bears head into their Week 2 matchup with the Dallas Cowboys at 1-0 after snatching victory from the jaws of defeat from the Detroit Lions, thanks to a lucky fluke in the rule book and despite a couple of boneheaded calls by Lovie Smith.

Across town, Sun Times' Bears beat writer Sean Jensen wrote about the FIRE LOVIE SMITH movement on Friday.  I didn't know it had officially become a "movement." Maybe a small militia, but a movement?  WOW! 

I think I should be offended that he failed to mention this blog when talking about the 3000-member strong Facebook group and various websites that let fans rank coaches.  I know we're "the competition" but come on Sean!  I've been around for almost a year now.  WTF?

Sean talks about the usual beefs that people have against Lovie and the momentum that "the movement" has started gaining since last week's crazy decisions late in the game.

But the other thing that Jensen points out is that Lovie seems to be gaining power in the face of the adversity.  It's as if the negativity is feeding the beast and making it stronger. 

Lovie and his coaching staff have closed ranks and hunkered down in their bunker as we all lob grenades in there.  If the Bears play the Cowboys like they played the Lions  - and more importantly if Lovie coaches like he did last week - it may be time to get some bigger and better ammo.



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Bears STH said:


I saw his article earlier and I was surprised he didn't mention you. Don't worry Boom... You're still the ring leader in my book!

IrishSweetness said:


You need a manifesto. An undeniable list of reasons why he needs to be fired, listed somewhere permanent. Although Angelo is responsible for the woeful rosters we've endured ...

Mike Burzawa said:


You mean go all Martin Luther and nail my grievances to the goal post at Halas Hall? Hmmm... I think a new post is brewing.

Thanks Irish!

jack lacan said:


To: Mike Burzwa
From: Jack Lacan

The Game Day Thread is on Bear Googles On - is that correct?

We sign up at FanSide?


Mike Burzawa said:


Hey Jack - I have opened up a Game Day Open Thread on Bear Goggles On here: Thanks for staying connected and BEAR DOWN!!!

jack lacan said:


Wow! This is like ESPN Rumor without all the money. A Fire Lovie
Movement - a political party? - Fire Lovie Party?

There is something insidious about the continued coaching career of Lovie Smith and the Bears. Many organIzations would have "let him go" as they say - some time ago.

Maybe he remains because there are no openings on Fox Sports for football pre-post game commentary.


Puppykicker said:

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George Halas just threw up in Heaven. To have a coach with so little fire is so disgusting and insulting to all bears fans.

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