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The Bears Have a New Coach (Sort of)

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

lovie throwback.jpg

Is this the same guy who has been coaching the Bears the last six years? (Photo courtesy of Sun Times)

The name on the door hasn't changed, but make no mistake about it, there is a new coach leading the 3-0 Chicago Bears.   There is something going on at Halas Hall that we haven't seen in years.  It's called ACCOUNTABILITY.  

Even though he will never admit it, Lovie Smith has thrown away his old coaching playbook and is playing by a new set of rules.  Stubbornness?  Arrogance (or Bearogance as some people call it)?  Gone.  Outta here. Replaced by Adjustments. Adaptability.  

How else can you explain the benching of Tommie Harris?  And how about Zack Bowman riding the pine after some missed tackles early in the Green Bay game? 

Here is what the Daily Herald's Barry Rozner said about the new-and-improved Lovie:

That is actual NFL coaching. It's to be applauded, and it can go a long way toward getting Bears fans back on Smith's side, especially if the result is that Harris shows up the next time he plays.

Either way, it was the right move and part of a stunning reversal from the mind-numbing stubbornness of the last six years.

Suddenly, we have Smith and his assistants making adjustments not just from week to week or half to half, but from series to series. 

Here's Steve Rosenbloom's take:

But that three stooges press conference with Ted Phillips and Jerry Angelo in January changed things more than I expected. The apparent threat to future employment here seemingly prompted Smith to buy out the inventory at the Former Head Coaches R Us store. Oh, there have been some old Smith habits, such as firing coaches who weren't his actual BFFs, but most notably, he brought in former Vikings head coach Mike Tice to take over the offensive line and former Rams head coach Mike Martz to coordinate the offense. Their real-life pro experience must've played some role in the way they've immediately adjusted to injuries or plans that weren't working. Compare and contrast that flexibility with Smith's refusal to double-cover Carolina receiver Steve Smith in that playoff game.

There is a sense of urgency on the Bears' sidelines that has propelled the Bears to a surprising 3-0 start.   Lovie is coaching like, well, like his job is on the line and the team is responding.  

Want to know what pisses me off to no end?  WHERE WAS THIS SINCE 2006???  The Bears wasted 3 years of Brian Urlacher's prime, Lance Briggs' prime, and 3 years of my prime while Lovie was chasing coordinators out of town and protecting over-paid high draft picks.  In the NFL, three years is a lifetime.



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2 Comments said:

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I think the NFL would be looking to extend the regular season deeper into January and the post-season into February,not earlier into August. I always find best NFL tickets in town at

bojo1944 said:

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Both JA and Lovie need to go!Dumb moves like keeping Harris and cutting Brown, spending dollars for two free agents who have yet to do anything! Drafting people that have been cut, or should of been cut, but wasn't because JA is incompetent! As much as i would love to see the Bears win every game, i wish they wouldn't if it would mean firing JA and Lovie! The Bears are aged on both offense and defense and need to address that now!

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