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Someone Needs to Give Ted Phillips and the Bears a Playoff Ultimatum

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

In his Business of Sports blog Ed Sherman of Crain's Chicago Business recently sat down with Bears' President Ted Phillips.  Here are a couple of clips and some quotes because we all know those video clips don't last forever:

When I asked if this was an important season for many people inside Halas Hall, namely Mr. Smith, Mr. Phillips replied:

"It always is. In my mind, I don't want to put a certain number of wins as a must. I don't say, 'We have to do this or else.' Decisions get made the way they always get made. At the end of the season, which I hope will be a positive one, we'll look at every aspect. We'll ask, 'Are we in the position to move forward or not?' "

I followed up by asking about the playoffs. "I don't want to put that number goal or say, 'You have to do this,' "

Mr. Phillips said. "There are a lot of things that can happen in a season -- they always do, positive or negative -- that can affect a year."

Let's discuss after the jump.

After three straight years of no playoffs, where is the sense of urgency?  Sweaty Teddy would hate to paint himself into a corner by putting a number of wins as a "do this or else" goal.  Where is one of the McCaskey's to intervene and to hold someone in the front office accountable.

What's worse is that as Teddy, Jerry, Lovie and Company have been hitting the Free Agent market like sailors on shore leave, pissing away the McCaskey nestegg to try to patch gaping holes on this team after years of mismanagement bad drafts and awful player development. 

Players like Rex Grossman, Michael Haynes should be your seasoned veterans, while younger players like Garrett Wolfe, Jarron Gilbert and Danieal Manning should be hitting their primes and carrying this team rather than being fringe or niche players.

Instead, you have to go out last season and mortgage the future on a fix at the quarterback position because you haven't been able to draft one since parachute pants were all the rage. 

After a complete defensive meltdown last season, you go this offseason and spend the GDP of Kazakhstan on Julius Peppers when the defensive ends you've been selecting every year (Dan Bauzin, Mark Anderson, Jarron Gilbert - should I go on?) can't get the job done.  You go and overspend on a second running back because the guy you took in the third round a few years ago who can't find his way onto the field can do little more than special teams.

It's time to throw down the gauntlet - go big or go home! Playoffs or bust!  It's time to hold Teddy, Jerry and Lovie accountable.  They hide behind Super Bowl XLI as if they actually won something.  News flash - they didn't and haven't for 25 years!




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