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Is Lovie Smith Clueless or Delusional (or Both)?

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

Lovie Smith met the press after Bears practice.  Actually, before I get to that, let's just touch a little on Monday's practice. 

After another disappointing preseason loss to the Arizona Cardinals and saying how there's still time to correct the errors, how do the Bears come out to practice on Monday?  Check out this tweet from Zach Zaidman:

zz tweet 8-30-10.JPG

Of course! Why would you want to practice such things as blocking and tackling after a loss where your team demonstrated the ability to do neither.  No rush Lovie, you still have 13 days to fix these problems.

Let's get to Lovie's post-practice presser after the jump.

Sean Jensen does a nice job compiling some of the quotes:

"It's simple execution, really, for everything. There's no quick fix or anything for it. In the preseason, you look to a lot of different things," he said. "We put the guys in situations we won't normally do during the regular season.

"If we get those third and longs during the course of the season, we'll be in good shape."

Why exactly should we take Lovie's word on that?  Oh yeah, I forgot.  It must be because his defense finished 28th in third down conversions allowed last season. 

And why would you "put guys in situations we won't normally" in the preseason? If these are glorified practices, why not practice what you're going to do in the regular season. 

If was looking at the replays of the TD's, it sure looked like Chris Harris was in the position he would be in during the regular season. Or not in the position he was supposed to be in.  It appeared to me that in both TD's here and here that Peanut Tillman correctly hands off the receiver to inside help, which is supposed to be coming from the safeties but they're nowhere to be found. The holes in Lovie's Cover-Who are gaping. 

So when Lovie spews this post-practice nonsense, does he really mean it? Is he that clueless or think that we're that stupid to believe it?  It may only be the preseason but Lovie's bullshit is already in midseason form!





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mikecubbie69 said:

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I dont know about Lovie, but Angelo shouldve been fired a long time ago. Look what Smith has been given to work with. Oh, what the heck, they both need to be gone! I think its going to be a long season!

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