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Don't Expect Changes with Marinelli in Charge of Bears Defense

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

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Bob Babich, Rod Marinelli and Lovie Smith, your last three Bears defensive coordinators.

At the end of last season, the Clowns at Halas Hall told us that major changes would be in the offing for the Bears after the third straight season without a trip to the playoffs.  Then they went on to not fire Lovie Smith and not even hire a defensive coordinator from the outside. 

Instead, they promoted a reluctant Rod Marinelli to run the 23rd ranked defense.  Here's Marinelli on changes to the defense:

"There are subtleties in everything that you do, [but] not drastic changes schematically, but just some subtle changes," Marinelli said Thursday afternoon.

In a season with so much at stake, is it fair to put Marinelli in a position to run the defense when he's never done the job?  By all accounts, Rod is a really great guy and players are ready to battle for him, and he's supposedly a helluva defensive line coach, but he's never been a defensive coordinator before. 

By the way, Rod is such a great defensive line coach that the Bears had to go out and spend like sailors on shore leave to fix the defensive line.  How did that work out for you last season?  Just sayin'.

Rod will be the third defensive coordinator in the three seasons for the Bears.  Or will he be?

According to Marinelli, he and Smith will work closely together when it comes to calling plays for the upcoming season.

"It will be a lot," Marinelli said of Smith's play calling input. "He's done a great job in this league with this system, and we've been together all those years in Tampa, too. I've got a good feel for exactly what he wants."
If you read between the lines, it sounds like Lovie will still be calling the defensive plays on game days, so it will be up to Urlacher and Peppers to bail him out and save his skin.  Look for teams to nickel and dime their way up and down the field on the Bears and Lovie's Cover-Who defense. 




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