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Bears Still Looking for Answers as They Drop to 0-3 in Preseason

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

It should come as no big surprise to any who regularly reads this site that I'm not a big fan of Lovie Smith.  Don't get me wrong, I think he's a nice guy and that he means well, but this is a results-oriented business and the results are just not there, plain and simple and the Chicago Bears are simply not producing.

After another disappointing loss, this time a 14-9 loss at the hands of the Arizona Cardinals, the Bears continued to look for answers to the same questions that have dogged them dating back to last season: how to block, how to tackle and how to stop teams from converting 3rd and long, I realized that this season could be far worse than the 8-8 record I have been predicting.

When you consider that this is the game for which the Bears game plan and scheme, treating it like a regular season game, I have to say that not even the September 12th home date - just 2 short weeks away - is a gimme.   The Bears could be heading for a failure of Wannstedtian proportions.  Just listen to Lovie's post game presser after the jump to see if this seems like a guy who has a handle on things:


In case the video goes stale, here are some of the quotes:

"We're not where we want to be," said coach Lovie Smith. "The plan was for us to play a lot better in the third preseason game. But we have time. They're going to let us start over in a couple weeks. That's when you're really concerned [about] how you're playing. Right now we're not playing good enough."

"Offensively, we talk a lot about starting fast, getting off to a quick start," Smith said. "That turnover really hurt us there early on. The two turnovers in the first half really hurt us. Besides that, we threw the ball at times. We did a few good things with it but never really got any consistency with our offense."

"The pressure--we talked about the same thing last week--we have to do something about that," Smith said. "Jay is under too much pressure. It's kind of as simple as that."

"Defensively, you should win third-and-longs," Smith said. "We were in those situations last week [against the Raiders] and didn't come through. We have to be able to capitalize on that."

"The field goal operation as a whole, especially down in those situations where we were, that's normally an automatic three," Smith said. "We have to get that ironed out also."

Where is the sense of urgency?  Where is the concern?  The same problems pop up week after week.  Poor blocking.  Poor tackling. Failure to stop teams on third and long. Bad special teams. 

Those were the same concerns that came up after the first preseason game, and back then we were told that we had time to correct these errors.  Now there is only one preseason game left - one in which the starters will barely play - and we're still told that we have time.  When? 

I suggest they start putting in some overtime up at Halas Hall.  The Lions come to Soldier Field in less than two weeks and that one counts!




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The Grand Puba said:

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Although the offensive line has to tighten up Jay Cutler does not look like an NFL starting quarterback. The difference between an NFL first string quarterback is his ability to make the best decision with the football especially when under pressure. Jay Cutler is an interception machine due to the fact he cannot make the best decision with the football in his hands when under the slight bit of pressure. Tom Brady is cool in the pocket even when under pressure. Jay Cutler looks like a deer in the head lights even when he has blocking. The Denver Broncos duked the Bears into giving them a 2009 1st round pick, a 2010 1st round pick, a 3rd round pick, and Cal Orton to take on Jay Cutler huge salary. Jay Cutler is clearly not a starting quarter back in the NFL. Lovie Smith is a great football coach and because the Bears have a brainless clown in GM Angelo and an ancient lady owner who trusts everything Mr. Don't know anything about football Angelo says Lovie Smith looks bad. Lovie Smith's coaching career has been destroyed by two 3rd string quarter backs namely Rex Grossman and Jay Cutler that were forced on him to let them start by the Bear's front office. QB Cal Orton went 8-8 with Denver in 2009 and the Bears went 7-9 with Cutler at QB with 26 interceptions. All 26 of those interceptions were not the fault of the offensive line. Chicago gave up two first round picks, one 3rd round pick,and Cal Orton for The Interception King Machine Cutler. The Bears should have kept Orton and used those two 1st round picks and that 3rd round pick to draft offensive line men for Orton and Hanie to throw behind and the running backs to run behind and the Bears would have be far better off. The Bears are not better with Jay Cutler at quarter back. Rookie Dan LeFevour looked better than Cutler did against the Cardinals and LeFevour was playing behind the 2nd and 3rd string offensive line. Cutler is a bust the Bears need to cut Jay Cutler right now and keep Colins, Hanie,and LeFevour for our QB's

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