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Bears Not Buying Into Favre Retirement Talk

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

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"And stay down!"

You know who is at it again.  Reports are trickling out that Brett Favre has informed the Vikings that he's retiring.  For the third time.  When my son grows up, he may not know about The Boy who Cried Wolf, but he'll know The Favre who Cried Retirement.  I'll believe it when I see it.

Bears fans are rejoicing, dancing in the streets singing "Ding Dong, the witch is dead!"  Easy now people.  Haven't you learned anything?  This is Favre's favorite time of year and in a summer that featured LeBron and The Decision, you know #4 can't be outdone.

I fully believe that he'll be back and will continue to believe so until he's dead. Or in a wheelchair.  It's like a horror movie where you're sure that the hero has killed the bad guy only to have him jump out in a climactic return.

The Bears have seen this horror movie more than anyone over the last 19 years and they know that the bad guy is still lurking around there somewhere.  They aren't printing up Division Championship shirts just yet.  Here are some quotes from around training camp.

From Urlacher:

Brian Urlacher, who has had a terrific relationship on the field with Favre for a decade, was told Favre wasn't coming back as he walked into the dining hall at Olivet Nazarene University this morning.

"Not coming back to training camp?" Urlacher cracked. "I'll believe that when the season begins."

And former teammate Hunter Hillenmeyer:

"I'll believe it that he's retired when he's not on the field in the first game of the year," said Hunter Hillenmeyer, who briefly played with Favre in Green Bay. "Until I see that, no."
Peanut Tillman:

"Is he really retired? I didn't hear about it 'til just now," cornerback Charles Tillman said. "Good for him he played a good career. If he is officially done, congratulations on 19 great years."

Tommie Harris:

"I don't know what's going on," said Harris, noting he hasn't watched any TV.

Asked about reports that Favre is retiring, Harris said, "Well, the Vikings got to go on.

"Everybody got to move on. We got to worry about getting the Bears right."

But then, when asked if he would miss Favre, Harris had an interesting answer.

"Yeah definitely," he said. "I will miss competing against him. I mean, the guy has played a long time, did a lot of great things for this league. I sil think he'll be back, though. I know him."

Asked why, Harris said, "That's it.

"I know him. If he would have had a bad year last year, I would think he would retire. But he won't end on that note .I don't believe so."

Lance Briggs:

"I won't believe it until I see Tarvaris Jackson starting against us. If he's starting, we'll go from there. Either way, we still got a job to do."

Desmond Clark:

"Right now, I don't believe any news that comes out about Favre until it's made official. If he does retire, Minnesota is still a good team. Of course, they're better with Brett Favre, but you look at all the parts they have there, they could still be a championship team without Brett Favre.

"They have a great running game. Their receivers stepped up last year, especially Sidney Rice. You look at their defense, they still have all the parts. They still may be looked at as the favorites in the conference without Brett Favre. I don't think it drops them down the rung too much."

Chester Taylor:

"I saw that Sears commercial where he was confused about [which TV to buy]. He may still be confused."

Jerry Angelo:

"I want to see it to believe it. It's still a long time before the season."

No comments yet from Lovie, but what do you expect him to say, Brett is our quarterback?

The Bears have to worry about what's going on in their camp; mastering Mike Martz's new offense, figuring out who is going to play safety and learning the snap count.  Regardless of what #4 does, the division will be a tough challenge.




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