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Conflict Brewing Between Martz and Lovie?

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On


Could trouble be on the horizon between Lovie Smith and Mike Martz?

Apparently Mike Martz hasn't been fully indoctrinated and will have to undergo another round of brainwashing.  Martz broke from the party line when talking about the "plan" and how things played out in the Bears preseason loss to the San Diego Chargers

Here's Martz today on Jay Cutler's abbreviated outing in Brad Biggs' post on ChicagoBreakingSports:

"Just wanted to get his feet wet," Martz said of Cutler. "Everybody has a different approach to the preseason games. Our approach was to get him in there and get him some nice throws down the field, get him loosened up with the receivers a little bit. San Diego had a different approach to it and there was a lot of pressure. We're still kind of putting things in so when they are pressuring as much as they were in a preseason game, which is fine, everybody does that so it doesn't make any difference.

"But we probably pulled him a little bit earlier than maybe I would normally. I just wanted to make sure we are further along with what we do before we keep him in there under that kind of circumstance."

Hasn't he been reading the propaganda leaflets that Lovie's been leaving in his dorm room? 

Here's what Lovie had to say about the plan for Jay in his postgame presser:

(Sorry, the video goes to autoplay and there's nothing I can do about it. Voice your complaints to

Take special note at the 1:30 mark of the video, where Lovie talks specifically about Jay.

So what exactly was the plan?  One series?  More?  Everyone expected to see more of the starters after the coaching staff told us as much last week.  But the Chargers dared to blitz and blitz, so the Bears thought it was the prudent thing to do to pull Cutler.

Anyone with a working pair of eyeballs saw the same thing and realized the Cutler was under duress the entire time he was in there.  I am not questioning pulling him from the game.  But for once, could the Politburo otherwise known as the Bears coaching staff just be honest about it?

After the game, would it kill Lovie to say that after the first series, given the stage of their implementation of the protection schemes, they thought it would be best to give Jay the rest of the night off?  Or to just say that the plan had changed?  I'm gonna go Judge Judy on you and say "don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining." 

So Martz broke the code of silence and told us what the plan actually was and how the Bears had to deviate from the plan.  SHOCKING!  A coach that actually - tells the truth! 

This could be the first sign of trouble brewing between Bears coach Lovie Smith and his buddy and former boss, offensive coordinator Mike Martz.  I don't think it will be pistols at 20 paces quite yet, but if you consider that it's only the preseason and there's already a difference of opinion, can you imagine what will happen when they're taking live fire?




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IrishSweetness said:


But that's Lovie. The sky is never falling down with him. Martz is a straight shooter. If Martz has success with the offense then he's bullet-proof. Winning makes everything okay.

His refusal to admit Shabba is our best receiver is the annoying thing. The ONLY reason HEster is #1 is because he's on 7 million a year and that's how the team is picked.

Mike Burzawa said:


Irish! Nice to heard from you again! I don't think it's OK for Lovie to continue to lie to us. Just be honest with us! It really hurts his credibility to keep up the mis-information.

As far as Hester, you're right. Jerry blew it on that one as much as anyone. His incentives are tied to being a receiver, not an elite return man. I think he'll do well if Martz can convince him to play out of the slot.

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