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Lovie Loves the Bears, Tries to Jinx LeBron to Bulls

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

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It's been a challenging offseason for me.

I know that I've been totally off the radar this offseason.  Shame on me!  Let's chalk it up to a serious case of depression after the Bears didn't shitcan Lovie Smith last January.  And I'm not over it, but it's time to move on and get the Fire Lovie bus up and running again. 

So while I'm sticking by the blog title "Fire Lovie Smith" let's consider this site a place for all of your Bears angst and frustration.  Maybe I'm overly negative?  Maybe I'm a realist?  Maybe I've been down this road a few times before and want to hold my favorite team to a higher standard. 

Now on with the blog.

The Bears wrapped up their OTA's today and will be full steam ahead for Bourbonnais at the end of July.  Head-coach-for-now Lovie Smith tied a nice bow around the offseason program with some great quotes. 

When asked about whether the goal is to compete for a playoff spot, here's Lovie's response:

"As far as compete (for a playoff spot), that's not our goal, to compete," Smith said. "We have the same goal we have every year, and that's win the Super Bowl, win the world championship. It's early on, and you need to get in pads, but I just like the look of this team. I think you'll get that from most of our veterans. We know what a good football team looks like, and this is a good football team."

As Brad Biggs aptly points out, Lovie has called this a "good football team" for the past three (non-playoff) seasons, so that should hardly inspire any real confidence.  I'd say that if the Bears are competetive within their own division, it would be a step in the right direction.  It's clear that Lovie has been given the Super Bowl or Bust mandate.  FINALLY!!!

Lovie seems as arrogant and defiant confident as on the day of his non-firing press conference.

"A lot has been done this offseason," he said. "Just really pleased with where our team us right now. Whenever you put in a new offense of course it's going to take a while. We needed every OTA, every offseason practice, and I've seen so much improvement. I'm sure Jay (Cutler) and Mike (Martz) and the rest of the guys on offense would say the same thing.
Translation: the offense still doesn't know what they're doing yet.  Devin Hester is in the wrong spots, Cutler's still throwing picks, but at least it's not Ron Turner's lame-ass offense.

"We have the majority of our packages in. Really excited about what we're going to be this year offensively. On the defensive side of the ball, we also have made changes there even though we've kind of shuffled the staff around. Rod's in a new position. Very pleased with the type of effort that we've gotten from it. Most of our veterans have been here. Voluntary workouts, but most of the guys have been here working hard every day finishing it off. Again, we're a good football team. Looking forward to putting on the pads and continuing the evaluation." 
We've kind of shuffled the staff around?  Sounds to me like it's another year of the Cover-who defense.  Rod Marinelli takes the reigns as the D-coordinator after Lovie got a haircut after last season, but we know who's still pulling the strings up at Halas Hall. 

And speaking of Marinelli, all the players love him and rave about what a "tough SOB" he is, but where was the improvement of the defensive line when he took over last season.  Heck, our two starting defensive ends from last season are gone.  Hot Rod didn't help them too much, did he?

As if Lovie didn't have his hands full enough screwing up the Bears, now he wants to play recruiter for the Bulls.

"I'm a diehard Bulls fans so, of course, I want LeBron here," Smith said. "This is Chicago. The tradition of basketball and having the chance to be a Bull ... and we're close. We just need another major, franchise-type player like LeBron.

"We're a playoff team. To add a player like that can get you over the hump."

That last line, if you look at it without the context, and he might as well be talking about adding Jay Cutler or Julius Peppers.  Maybe Gar-Pax should have just hired Lovie to coach the Bulls?  It's not that crazy - he's got as much NBA head coaching experience as the guy they just brought in, right?

Anyway Lovie, do all of us a favor and stop trying to recruit LeBron.  The Bulls might actually have a shot at this and you're liable to scare him away!




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