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Management Keeps Sayers and Bears Legends at a Distance

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

Gale Sayers offered some very pointed comments on the Bears recently while Dan Pompei about the Bears keeping their legendary players at a distance. Here's what Sayers had to say to spark the discussion:

"If Lovie doesn't do it this year, I think he's gone. He had a good team the Super Bowl year. Nothing came together for him the last couple years."

Hallelujah!!!  Preach on Kansas Comet!!!  

This should not come as a surprise to any astute Bears fan.  Gale has always been outspoken and has never been known to hold back on or off the field.  He didn't stop at putting a bulls eye on Lovie Smith's back.  Here's what he had to say about the team and a couple of the their biggest stars:

"Cutler hasn't done the job," Sayers said. "(Brian) Urlacher, I don't know how good he's going to be coming back. He's 33 years old. They need a couple wide receivers, a couple defensive backs. They haven't done a good job
When Sayers goes on to diss Reggie Bush and remind everyone that the total cash that he made in his entire NFL experience is less than what the last guy on the roster makes, some people might call it sour grapes or bitterness.  You know what I call it?  A true fan.  Sayers even says:

"I go to every game I can," he said. "Yes, I do live and die with them."

Sounds refreshing, doesn't it.  I think that a true fan is one who will challenge the team and hold them to the highest standard. 

But Sayers only paints half of the picture for this post.  The other half comes courtesy of Dan Pompei and his Tribune article where he says that the Bears should take a page from the Blackhawks and embrace their legends. 

But that doesn't mean they couldn't benefit from bridging the gap between themselves and the public. One way to do that would be to have players such as Sayers being front men for the team.

It's not like this franchise has a shortage of living legends who would be willing and able, either. Start with Sayers, Dick Butkus and Mike Ditka. You might even reach back to Doug Atkins. Keep it going with Dan Hampton and Richard Dent and other members of the 1985 team.

It would create a feel-good situation. It would make current players know they are a part of something bigger. It would make some of their great players feel connected and vital. And it would stop the kind of headlines that were generated Wednesday when Sayers made some pretty innocuous comments about the Bears -- his Bears.

It's a great point, but I'm afraid that as long as the McCaskeys are running the show, it's just not going to happen.  The Bears front office and management have done everything they could to try to distance themselves from the Bears of old.

Do you remember when Mike Singletary wanted to get into coaching?  He offered to basically work for free and Dick Jauron gave him a polite "Thanks but no thanks."  He went on to be a linebackers coach for the Ravens and is now the head coach for the San Francisco 49ers.

Super Bowl XX MVP Richard Dent tried to catch on as a defensive line coach and didn't last more than a season.  What about Leslie Frazier as the defensive coordinator for division rival Minnesota?  Wouldn't Rex Ryan's version of dad Budddy's 46-defense look good on the lakefront where namesake Doug Plank (#46) is a secondary coach?

Heck, we don't have to look further than '85 Bear Ron Rivera getting chased out of town after the Super Bowl XLI disappointment to make the point. 

Ever since Da Coach was let go, the Bears have done everything possible to distance themselves from the hosts of Super Bowls Past. 

It's time for the Ghosts of Super Bowls past meet the Ghosts of Super Bowl Future! 



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