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Righting Worst Wrongs in Bears History

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

Chris Harris (S)

The Bears traded Chris Harris to the Panthers for the 5th round pick. In three seasons since leaving the Bears h e racked up 184 tackles, 5 INT's and 12 forced fumbles.

The Bears traded to get Chris Harris back from the Carolina Panthers.  It rights one of the biggest wrongs in recent Bears memory.  Since he left Chicago, Harris has flourished in Carolina while the Bears have struggled to fill the safety position with a revolving door of safeties that nearly compares to their pitiful list of quarterbacks bookended by Jim McMahon and Jay Cutler.

Seeing Harris returning got me to thinking, what other Bears wrongs should be righted?  What are the worst wrongs in Bears history? 

It seems like the list of bad draft picks and free agent signings is endless.  Check out the gallery for my list of the worst Bears wrongs that I wish could be righted.



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DeCon said:

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nicely done Boomer...although I will be sending a bill for my dry cleaning after I puked all over myself to see my favorite Bear of all-time, Mongo, in that sick, disgusting, horrific uniform playing for that team...

IrishSweetness said:


Nah, sorry. Chris Harris was days away from being cut by the Panthers. If Angelo had done any homework at all he would have known that. After having traded him away, he could have gotten him back for free, instead of shopping our third best linebacker and a future pro bowler. After his abject failure at recognising talent, Mr. Angelo deserves no kudos whatsoever.

IrishSweetness said:


Although Walter not getting TD in the super bowl was ...well, what was it? He had something like 23 carries he could have scored on. He performed in his role perfectly, as decoy. McMahon fakes play action one way to Payton, 11 red shirts moved towards him, Mac slips away and finds an open receiver.

Seeing Mongo in a Packers uniform though, that's just wrong ...

IrishSweetness said:


Start a Fire Jerry Angelo blog and let's see how many executable offences we can come up with. It's hard to hate on Lovie, when the architect of our ruination is the Cheshire Cat in the Clown Car.

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