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Bears must FIRE LOVIE for the sake of Organizational Stability

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions
There is a growing sentiment that Lovie Smith will be spared and that Ron Turner will be the scapegoat for a disappointing 2009 Chicago Bears season.  This past season is just the cherry on top of a three year post-season hiatus for the Bears since their trip to Miami for Super Bowl XLI. 

The title of this post seems a little bit oxymoronic: Fire Lovie to provide stability.  It's sort of like the Seinfeld episode - sex to save the friendship...

If Smith is retained and he is allowed to bring in another offensive coordinator, it would be like putting a band aid on a severed limb.  Fixing the offense is only fixing half the problem.  It's certainly an important piece, especially considering that this team needs to be re-built around Jay Cutler, but it's only part of the ultimate solution.

If the last two meaningless wins have showed us anything, they showed us what this offense can look like when Jay Cutler isn't busy throwing interceptions.  Eight TD's to one INT is a ratio all Bears fans could live with. 

The last time I checked, Ron Turner was not heading up the 21st ranked scoring defense in the NFL.  Ron Turner's offense did not give up 30 second half points and allow the Vikings to tie up the game in what may have turned out to be Lovie's job-saving win against Minnesota last Monday night. 

Fine, sacrifice Turner; I'm all for it.  Give the fans some token blood, but here are a few problems with that scenario:

If you keep Lovie as head coach, what kind of offensive coordinator can you bring in to a situation with a potential lame-duck coach?  A vulture like Mike Martz looking for an angle to get his foot in the door to get a head coaching job?  No thanks.

If the Bears come to their senses after next season or the impending labor dispute in 2011 and do finally decide to FIRE LOVIE, the new head coach will likely bring in his own offensive coordinator. 

Now another offensive coordinator comes in with his own system.  Devin Hester barely learned Turner's system after being in it for THREE YEARS. 

Do we want to waste Jay Cutler's prime fumbling around with offensive coordinator after offensive coordinator and head coach after head coach?

If the Bears continue with the status quo, they miss the opportunity to snag an established coach with a legitimate resume to take over the NFL's charter franchise.

The Bears need to provide some long-term stability to the organization and that can only be done by wiping the slate clean and firing the entire coaching staff. 

It might seem unlikely, but did we ever think the Bears would acquire Jay Cutler last offseason?  Me neither. 




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Big Bob in SC said:

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i KNOW I'm a day late and a dollar short BUT, what stability are you talking about? In watching the Bears for over 70 years I have never seen anything that could be called stable about the organization. I seriously doubt if any of the 3 stooges there now can even spell stability.

Mike Burzawa said:


What I'm saying is that by not firing Lovie, you get a new OC next season. When they finally come to their senses AFTER next season, the new head coach will bring in ANOTHER OC. Now you've got a revolving door of offensive systems and you've wasted Cutler's prime learning new offenses.

Look at how Peyton Manning operates the Colts offense. He knows every single nook and cranny of that system because he's been running it forever.

Bottom line - they should have wiped the slate and blown up the whole thing.

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