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Fire Lovie Billboard - Good idea, poor execution

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

I got my first glimpse at the new billboard that Bears fans chipped in to buy, sending their message to the McCaskey family.


The billboard that BearsFansUnited chipped in to buy.

Of course, I think their intentions are good.  Hey, I'm the guy who writes for Fire Lovie Smith, what else am I going to say? 

But I have a few problems with the billboard, too.

  1. The billboard is in Arlington Heights.  How is that connected with the Bears?  Put the billboard up off the Kennedy, where someone from Bears brass is likely to see it on the way to Soldier Field.  Or better yet, why not put it up somewhere in/around Lake Forest, where Bears headquarters is located. Maybe they know someone in Arlington Heights that cut them a deal on the billboard, but what's the point if no one from the Bears actually has to see this thing.
  2. Who or what is the 5th Phase Fan Club? I Googled it, but came up empty.  I found easily enough, but why throw in the 5th Phase stuff if there's no reference to it?
  3. I am not sure if the '^and GM' is by design or fixing a mistake of overlooking GM Jerry Angelo in the first draft of the sign.  There is enough "meatball" chatter on local radio.  Don't give them any more fuel for the fire by adding the crayon-scripted '^and GM.'
  4. While I'm splitting hairs, why not just say FIRE LOVIE SMITH and JERRY ANGELO on the billboard?  Isn't it sort of implied that by firing Lovie, the entire staff will go.  Like I said, I'm splitting hairs, but if you go out and spend money on the billboard and all, why not do it right?
  5. I'm a Chicago Bears Fan, but don't want to be spoken for in this signage.  You should sign it BearsFansUnited and list all the donors that contributed on the website.  Even if someone chipped in a penny, their name can appear on the donors list.  Don't lump all Bears fans in with your cause.
Like I said in the opening, I support the cause.  I didn't do it financially because in my humble opinion, there are better ways to spend money than to put up a sign in Arlington Heights.

Before this story broke big last week, I found a comment on Bear Goggles On was linked to in my Spam folder.  While I didn't post anything on it, I allowed the comment, so if someone came upon the site through the Comments section and wanted to donate, more power to 'em.

The bottom line is that we're all hoping for the same thing - sweeping changes at Halas Hall. 




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Dean said:

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The real problem is the McCaskey family. Your asking the problem to solve a problem. Any real Bears' fan would know that.

Mike Burzawa said:


Any Bears fan grounded in reality also knows that any dreams of the McCaskey's selling the team are slim and none, so our best chance to see change is to gut the coaching staff and pray that maybe Jerry Angelo gets tossed out with them.

cwgano3 said:

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I also believe we trade Devin Hester for a second round pick...He has proven that he isn't a reciever and we have kick returners.

Mike Burzawa said:


If you could get a 2nd round pick, I'd say go for it! There is only one GM I can think of foolish enough to part with a 2nd round pick for a questionable talent at wide receiver and Jerry Angelo already traded that pick.

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