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An Open Telegram to Virginia McCaskey: Fire Lovie Smith

Mike Burzawa

Die hard Bears fan and lead blogger at Bear Goggles On

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I was going to send an e-mail or a tweet, but I figured the best way to reach the 86 year-old matriarch of the Chicago Bears was to go with a form of communication that she would be more familiar with, so I have prepared an old-school telegram to touch base with Mrs. McCaskey.  So put a record on the old Victrola and check this out:

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Dear Mrs. McCaskey stop May I call you Virginia stop How about Ginny stop Thinking about keeping Lovie Smith STOP Do you actually believe that Jerry Angelo is doing a good job STOP You want to retain a coach whose defense can't ever get a critical STOP

OK, I'll stop with the stops and get to some serious business. 

Mrs. McCaskey, I know you and your family are loyal, probably to a fault, but it is time to end your relationship with head coach Lovie Smith.  While Lovie led the Bears to the Super Bowl, that was three years ago and it's three straight years since we've made the playoffs. 

In a rare 2007 interview prior to Super Bowl XLI, you said this of your family maintaining the Bears legacy:

I think it's important that all of our family remembers that we really haven't done anything to earn this.  We're just the recipients of a tremendous legacy.  I use the word custodian, and we want to pass it on the best way we can.

You have the opportunity now to earn the legacy and change the course of this once-proud franchise to get back to their rightful place at the top of the league your father founded.

Speaking of custodians, maybe you could set Lovie and his staff up with some nice custodian jobs.  Or maybe Lovie could drive one of those shuttle buses that go between the remote parking lots and Soldier Field.  He keeps talking about getting off the bus running.  But I digress.

Seriously, though, it is time to run Lovie, Jerry Angelo and Ted Phillips out of town and you must do so quickly.  I understand that the cost to terminate their contracts is quite high, but in the grand scheme of things, you will actually save substantial money.  Besides, Michael probably still has his First Communion money.  It's time to crack open the piggy bank.

Lovie placed the bulls eye on his back last offseason when he took over the Defensive Coordinator's job from his buddy, Bob Babich.  I said it nearly a year ago - if this defense flops, there will be no one else to blame but Lovie.   The defense has flopped.   So who is to blame?

Meanwhile, with Jerry Angelo constantly making poor draft picks and the out of control state of these rookie contracts, the money that could be committed to players who will likely no longer be on the team in a couple of years far outweigh what is owed to the coaching staff and management team.  How much did you pay Cedric Benson and Tank Johnson? 

That's not to mention the bad money in extensions that Jerry handed out to an injured Tommie Harris, a flash-in-the-pan Nathan Vasher and a past-his-prime Brian Urlacher.

I understand that you will always have a soft spot for Ted Phillips.  After all, he's the guy that navigated the shark infested waters around City Hall to broker the new Soldier Field deal with Mayor Daley.  But Ted is an accountant.  His resume doesn't boast so much as a fantasy football title.

It's time to run these three stooges out of town and get some quality football people in here to run this organization.  In case you haven't noticed, there is a rare opportunity out there with a few former coaches out there with some serious hardware on their resumes - Super Bowl titles.

Rumor has it that you've been in touch with the Rooney family.  I'm sure they had nothing but glowing reviews to give for their former coach, Bill Cowher, my personal choice as the next Head Coach of the Chicago Bears.   

You owe it to yourself, your family - your father - to alter the course of the Chicago Bears and cement your legacy on this organization.  Did I forget to mention that you owe it to the loyal fans who plunk down their hard-earned cash for tickets, merchandise and concessions in support of your little family business?

In case you need further convincing, here on FIRE LOVIE SMITH we'll be presenting evidence on why Lovie needs to go. The only way to make us go away is to FIRE LOVIE SMITH!

Thanks and God Bless.


Mike Burzawa

PS - Any chance you could bring back the Honey Bears?  PLEASE????



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BigggK said:

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Great piece Mike! I hope she actually gets it! I also hope she actually GETS it! Bring in Cower! Beardown!

Mike Burzawa said:


Thanks for the comment Biggg. I am hoping to actually send the telegram to Ginny with the big budget that ChicagoNow has for this little project!

Robb in NE from Schaumburg Originally said:

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I agree with you on this Mike and agree with BigggK on the article overall. People continue to ask me if I am unhappy with Cutler and I tell everyone that there are more problems than just Cutler and it starts truthfully with Virginia and additionally with Ted Philips being the family's choice for President. There should not be a C.P.A. with no football knowledge running this team. Jerry Angelo continues to make to many mistakes against every seemingly positive move he makes. Angelo overall is truthfully a poor judge of player talent. This team has no heart and it starts at the top. We need huge changes completely for this team however, I would settle for Angelo and Smith to be shown the door no later than January 4, 2010.

IrishSweetness said:


Start at the top. Ted Philips has been as much use to the Chicago Bears as a chocolate teapot. Ditto Jerry Angelo. Removing Lovie doesn't remove the main obstructions to success. Installing Bill Cowher doesn't fix Philips and Angelo and the myriad dire coaches on the Bears.

Mike Burzawa said:


In a perfect world, they whack the whole lot of them.

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