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Pet service says former employee used Craigslist, Yelp to defame it

A pet care service company says a former employee used Craigslist and Yelp to post defamatory ads and reviews about it.

Urban Out Sitters says that in August 2009 it hired defendant Christopher Pesch and he signed their Employment Agreement, which contains a non-disparagement clause, but he was terminated shortly thereafter.  The complaint states that Pesch then willfully and maliciously posted defamatory classifieds on Craigslist and reviews on Yelp "insinuating that Plaintiff 'beat and hit dogs' and that Plaintiff's past clients 'had experiences that traumatized their pets'".

The complaint also states that Pesch contacted Urban Out Sitters' clients with the intent to cause them to abandon Urban Out Sitters and that the plaintiff has lost current and prospective clients.

Urban Out Sitters asserts claims for defamation, tortious interference with a prospective business advantage and breach of employment agreement.

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Cabbie: Vouchers for disabled are not being reimbursed

A city cab driver says that vouchers she accepts from disabled passengers are not being reimbursed.

According to the complaint, in July 2006, PACE began to administer a federal program called TAP (Taxi Access Program) that provides customers with disabilities a means to travel at reduced rates for trips that originate in the city of Chicago. 

Katrina Chambers-Bates, a city cab driver since 1984, says that certain vouchers she submitted to PACE for payment had been returned unpaid and when she inquired as to why, she was told by Luis Melero, TAP Manager of Pace, that there was an "11-minute rule"-  which she was never notified of and which Melero could not provide any written evidence of - and that he then threatened to have her license revoked.

The complaint states that the following then occurred:

- Katrina spoke to Mark Jamil, the then 1st Deputy Commissioner of Consumer Services, who said he had never heard of an "11-minute rule" and that the city would not take her license away.
- Still, Melero sent a letter to Katrina, at an incorrect address, stating that she was removed from the TAP program.
- Based on the letter, a Notice of Violation and Complaint against Katrina for failure to comply with TAP and seeking revocation of her license was granted by default.
- Katrina learned her license was revoked when she sought annual renewal.
- Katrina was able to have the default judgment and revocation vacated for lack of service.
- At a hearing on the complaint, Katrina was fined and her license revoked but she later appealed and the license revocation was reversed.
- Despite an order indicating that Katrina's license suspension has already been served, 1st Deputy Commissioner of Consumer Services, Shellie Riedle, refused to renew her license and she must apply for a new one. 

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