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Company sues Apple for patent infringement

A lawsuit has been filed against Apple for alleged patent infringement related to the iPhone 3G.

According to the complaint, plaintiff Intellect Wireless founder Daniel Henderson has 25 patents, with more pending, related to picture/video messaging in wireless devices.  The complaint states that Apple infringed on Intellect Wireless' patents when it provided wireless portable communication devices that "receive and display caller ID information, non-facsimile pictures, video messages and/or Multimedia Messaging Services."

According to PhoneScoop, this is not the first patent infringement lawsuit filed by Intellect Wireless and not the first time Apple was sued for patent infringement over the iPhone.

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Maker of a chewing tobacco accessory says design was copied

The maker of a "smokeless tobacco accessory" says another company copied its idea and design.

Diptops holds the patent on a product described as "a device for receiving saliva expectorated by a tobacco chewer" and says that Novelty, Inc. has infringed on its patent.  According to the complaint, inventor Brian Goodell met Novelty representatives at a trade show and followed up with licensing and distribution discussions. 

Novelty eventually declined to license and distribute Diptop's product but shortly thereafter began selling a similar product using the names "Spit CAN-Vertor" and "Dip Top," the complaint states.

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