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Another lawsuit filed against A&E over Female Forces in Naperville

A Woodridge woman is suing A&E Television Network for featuring her on the show Female Forces without her consent.

Eran Best says that on February 24, 2008, she was pulled over in Naperville by defendant police officer Timothy Boogerd because the sticker on her license plate was expired.  Thirty minutes later, defendant police officer Stacy Malec arrived with the Female Forces television crew and made Best perform a field sobriety test even though she was not pulled over for a moving violation and she easily passed, the complaint states.

The complaint then states that Best was arrested for driving under a suspended license, was taken to the police station and frisked.  Even though Best refused to sign a release or written consent form, her arrest was still used on the show, the complaint states.  By the time the show aired, the suspended license charge had been dismissed.

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Best is also suing the City of Naperville and the production company that produces the show.

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Bodybuilder says she was spied on while tanning nude

A female body builder is suing a fitness facility where she says its engineer spied on her while she was naked in a tanning booth.

According to the complaint, plaintiff Amalia Reyes is a "competitive body builder, having maintained a workout regimen of 25 hours per week and tanning every day for ten years, and having placed second in two body building competitions."  The complaint states that on October 20, 2008 Reyes was inside a private tanning room at defendant XSport Fitness on West Fullerton in Chicago where she was disrobing and preparing to tan when defendant Stoil Stove, head engineer at XSport, "engaged in spying on the plaintiff through an opening in the ceiling of the tanning room."

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Employees Say Kmart Secretly Taped Them

Two K Mart employees sued the store today alleging that they were discharged in retaliation for complaining of privacy invasion after being secretly videotaped.

According to the complaint, plaintiffs Ewa and Andrzej Maliszewski were maintenance workers at the Bloomingdale, Illinois K Mart store where their duties included emptying the garbage.  The complaint states that they noticed several discarded videotapes while emptying the garbage, watched the tapes and observed their changing area and the staff-only locker room area among the areas videotaped.

The complaint further states that they complained about this to their supervisor and their supervisor was then relocated and the plaintiffs were discharged.

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