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MillerCoors sued for alleged faulty Sweepstakes

A class action complaint has been filed against MillerCoors after sweepstakes promotion code on Coors Light and Coors Beers were deemed invalid. 

According to the complaint, the named plaintiff Mario Aliano purchased Coors Light during "The Coors Light Silver Ticket Sweepstakes" for the "sole purpose of entering the Sweepstakes," but when he removed the ticket from the carton and tried to enter it on the defendant's website as well as by text message he received notice that the code was not valid.

The complaint states that "Defendants issued approximately five million (5,000,000) Tickets containing invalid Codes" and "Defendants have received and continue to receive several hundred complaints from across the country to Defendants' customer service line and via various websites, wherein members of the Plaintiff Class complained that the Codes printed on their Tickets were invalid and that they were unable to enter the Sweepstakes."

The complaint further states "Although Plaintiff and the Plaintiff Class understand the likelihood of winning a Sweepstakes in which potentially millions of people may enter is remote, millions of people nevertheless purchased the Product in reliance on this chance."

Read the complaint after the jump.

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