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iBaby crashes as future lawyers wait for bar results

Today, the term "ibaby" was googled so much that it reached a Google hotness score of "Volcanic."  We're not talking about some overeager moms here.  Actually, is the website for the Illinois Board of Admissions to the Bar, and this week, the fine young men and women who took that little quiz back in July will be able to check the site and find out if they passed or, gulp, failed.  So, we're talking about some very eager future lawyers!  Check out the google trend for the term ibaby

Now, if you entered the law profession in the age of the internet, you are all too familiar with the process of finding out your bar exam results in what I often describe as a most "inhumane" fashion - checking the internet on a designated day AT MIDNIGHT and seeing if PRAYING your name is there.  Cruel!  Just cruel!

But, imagine if the Board decided to post results in the middle of the workday and at one point only got up to the letter B?!  Check this out

Or multiply the anxiety by getting an email from the Board that your exam results are up and you go to the website only to find that it keeps crashing?! Check out what these folks experienced.  And, apparently, it happened last year too. Check out Daisy's story.

Needless to say, there are some very unhappy future lawyers out there. (Can you blame them?!) 

Did you find out today?  Are you still waiting?  Let me know.  Comment below or find me on Twitter.

Lastly, to all the men and woman still waiting, I would like to extend this wish - I wish for all of you a night like I had when I found out my NY bar exam results.  It went as follows:

- I passed (hopefully, that's where your night will be the most like mine).

- I squealed.

- I left my apartment for a bar two blocks away with my friends.

- My best friend Vera did a cartwheel on the street (yes, my best friend is a cartwheeling Manhattan ADA).

- We drank ... kind of ironic that I'm now the "Bar-tender"

- We danced until 4 in the morning. 

If you haven't been able to get online to get your results yet, try to relax, take a deep breath ...and get your dancing shoes ready just in case.  You earned it!

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