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Woman sues after Chicago cop shoots her dog

A woman is suing the city of Chicago for an incident in which a police officer shot and killed her one year old dog.

According to the complaint, on October 1, 2008, someone in plaintiff Beverly Thurman's neighborhood called 311 to report a loose dog in the area.  The complaint states that when defendant police officer Groman arrived, he spoke to the mail carrier who identified the residence of the dog, whose name was "Roscoe," and that he knew the dog was not aggressive. 

The complaint further states that defendant Groman then exited the squad car immediately grabbed his firearm and shot Roscoe. 

Plaintiff Beverly Thurman was at work at the time of the incident but her brother Darnell Thurman was at the residence when he heard the gunshot, ran downstairs and found Roscoe had "walked two houses down the street before lying down and dying."

The complaint states that Darnell Thurman then called plaintiff at work and, when she arrived home, she was issued a ticket by defendant Groman for her loose dog and told she would be incarcerated if she didn't sign it. 

When plaintiff later asked for the remains of Roscoe, she was told they could not find him. 

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Estate of Boy Shot By Friend Sues Family

The estate of a 16 year old shot by his friend is suing the friend's mother and grandfather for negligence.

The complaint states that the decedent, Arthur Tyler, was at his friend's house on S. Seeley in Chicago on September 21, 2008 when the friend was "playing with the gun that discharged the fatal bullet" into Tyler's neck.

The complaint further states that the minor did not intentionally kill Arthur Tyler and the defendants, the minor's mother and grandfather, were negligent in failing to, among other things, "secure the gun in question in a lock box or other secure container so that it could not be accessed by minors."

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Man Shot in Butt Sues Stroger Hospital for Infection

A man is suing Stroger Hospital for negligence related to a gunshot wound to his buttocks.

Plaintiff John Davis states in the complaint that the hospital and certain doctors also named as defendants were negligent in the following ways:

- Failed to administer antibiotics to the plaintiff for a period of eleven (11) days following admission to the hospital, despite the presence of a bowel perforation, a bone fracture and a long unexplored bullet path

- Failure to administer proper broad-spectrum antibiotics that are required for a bowel-penetrating gunshot for a period of seventeen (17) days following admission to the hospital

- Allowed the plaintiff's fasciotomy sites to become infected with hospital bacteria.

Other acts are listed.  To read the complaint, click here.

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