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Man says he won fantasy football but was never paid

A man is suing the American Fantasy Football League (AFFL) for allegedly failing to pay him after he won a championship and the grand prize.

Jeff Gill says that the AFFL accepted entry fees of up to $1,400 to participate in fantasy football and promised that payment was "guaranteed," but in January 2010 after he won the grand prize of $60,000 and other prizes, the company admitted that they couldn't pay him.

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Montel Williams sued over International Poker League contract

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Talk show host Montel Williams is being sued over an alleged breach of contract involving the International Team Poker League created by him.   


According to the complaint, Guardian Gaming entered into an agreement with IPL where Guardian would own 25% of the business and paid $300,000 to IPL as an initial investment. 


However, before Guardian could make any more payments, IPL terminated the agreement, the complaint states.  The complaint further states that Guardian requested a refund of its initial investment but IPL has proposed to repay in stages, which Guardian rejected and demanded repayment of the full $300,000.


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Parents: Daughter took our house and put us in a home

An elderly couple is suing their daughter for deceit after she allegedly got them to sign their house over to her and then put them in a nursing home.

According to the complaint, Overton and Bernice Williams were both born in 1917 and are "unsophisticated in legal matters." They lived in their home in Chicago with their daughter, defendant Leshia Williams, who they trusted "implicitly as to all their financial affairs," until she got them to execute a quitclaim deed in 2006 and took out a home equity loan on the house in 2008.

A few months after receiving the loan proceeds, Leshia placed her parents in a nursing home and told her mother not to go back home and "actually took the keys out of her mother's purse and retained them."

Later, the Williams' son removed them from the nursing home and brought them to live with him in Alaska, where they live now.

They want the house back in their name and for their daughter to return all loan proceeds.


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UPDATE: U. of I. sued for admitting unqualified VIPs

UPDATE:  Chancellor Richard Herman resigns.  Read more here.

The entry below was originally posted by the Bar-tender on 10/20/09.

The University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana (as it is named in the lawsuit) and its trustees are being sued for admitting students of VIPs who are otherwise unqualified.

According to the class action complaint filed by Jonathan Yard on behalf of himself and anyone denied admission to the school between 1999 and 2009 after paying the admission application fee, the school's trustees have a "clout list" that essentially works to ensure that those with "clout" but otherwise lower credentials are still admitted to the school, despite protests of admissions officers.

The complaint details an investigation published by the Chicago Tribune on May 29, 2009 that uncovered a "shadow admissions system," where

politically appointed trustees and lawmakers routinely behave as armchair

admissions officers advocating on behalf of relatives and neighbors -- even

housekeepers' kids and families with whom they share Hawaiian vacations.

They declare their candidates "no brainers" for admission and suggest that if

they are not accepted, the admissions system may need revamping.

The complaint asserts, among other things, a count of fraud since the admissions catalog stated that the school places the heaviest weight on objective academic criteria and "omits any reference to political clout and/or connections being relevant to the admissions process."

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Former Calumet Park cop alleges discrimination by black police chief

A former Calumet Park police officer who is white is suing the municipality for discrimination he says he was subjected to by the black chief of police.

Plaintiff Mark Groszek asserts in the complaint that, since defendant Mark A. Davis became the chief of police in 2002, plaintiff and other white police officers have been "subjected to various forms of harassment by Chief Davis in an effort to get them to quit or to compile enough negative evidence against them to justify their discharge."

In May of 2006, Groszek suffered an assault while conducting his duties as a police officer and, over the course of the next two years, experienced pain and panic attacks that made him miss time at work, the complaint states.  The complaint further states that Chief Davis yelled at plaintiff, called him "mental" to another police officer and informed him that he would be terminated. 

Groszek is suing for race discrimination, disability discrimination, age discrimination, retaliation and fraud.

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Woman sues au pair placement agency after son is sexually abused

A Lockport mother and son are suing their au pair placement agency after the au pair assigned to them allegedly sexually abused the young boy.

According to the complaint, the unnamed plaintiff sought the assistance of Cultural Care, Inc. in October of 2007 and was informed that an au pair named Julian from Columbia was available.  The complaint states that defendant Dorte Strobel, an executive from Cultural Care, told plaintiff that if she did not pay the fee that evening and pick up Julian from his host family, he would be returned to Columbia and the search process for another au pair could take several months.

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Collection Agency Accused of Duress and Intimidation

A McHenry couple and their son are suing a debt collector for what they describe as fraudulently inducing them to pay the son's almost $10,000 credit card bill.

According to the complaint, on May 5, 2008, plaintiff Kevin Maser was contacted by a representative from defendant National Enterprise Systems, who told him, among other things, that if he didn't pay the over $9K debt he would be sued the next day and would incur an additional $5K, plus his wages would be garnished and his job would be in jeopardy as would his credit.

Frantic, Kevin Maser called his mother plaintiff Susan Maser, and after two hours of phone calls between Kevin, Susan, Robert and two representatives from NES, Susan and Robert Maser paid the amount, the complaint states.

The complaint further states (read after jump)

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Collapsed Financial Company's Trustee Claims Accountants Knew About Fraud

The Liquidation Trustee for Sentinel Management Group is suing the firm's accountants, claiming they knew about the fraud committed by Sentinel.

The complaint alleges that, between 2002 and 2007, Defendant G. Victor Johnson of the accounting firm McGladrey & Pullen (previously Altschuler, Melvoin & Glasser) this is not a case of negligence where the auditors of the financial statements failed to detect certain misstatements.  Rather, it is alleged that the defendants "knowingly and substantially assisted and participated in the fraud by [Sentinel], and as a result, committed and are liable for fraud themselves."

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