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Lawsuit: Work from Home ads are a scam!

A class action complaint has been filed regarding "Work from Home" ads on the internet, asserting they are deceptive and misleading.

Barbara Ford, the named plaintiff who is described as "elderly, retired and on a fixed income," clicked on an advertisement link located on her AOL homepage pitching a Google 'work at home' opportunity and "reasonably believed" this was a Google offer and did not know that Google had nothing to do with the product being sold by defendant Pacific WebWorks.

Ford agreed to pay $1.97 for the "Google Business Kit" and didn't realize she would also be charged an additional $79.90.

Ford called Pacific WebWorks and informed them that she never authorized the charge and never received her Google Kit.  She asked for a refund but was refused.  Because Ford was concerned that she would continue to be charged by Pacific WebWorks, she cancelled her credit card.

The complaint asserts violations under the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act and the Automatic Contract Renewal Act, among other things.

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