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IL AG vs. LifeLock

Update - Read about it here.


Lisa Madigan's office has filed a lawsuit against the identity theft protection services company Lifelock, alleging among other things:

- that it claims to protect against all types of identity theft, when it does not.

- that it claims to remove personal info from sites where criminals post fraudulently obtained personal info, when all it does is warn the consumer.

- that it claims consumers will be called prior to new credit being issued, when it does not.

- that it represents to consumers that they are at high risk for identity theft, when it has no such knowledge.

Read more about LifeLock lawsuits here.

Read the complaint after the jump.

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3 9 10 Madigan v LifeLock -



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jack said:

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The date stamp is unclear, but looks like March 9, 2010. However, it was reported that Madigan announced that she settled with Lifelock as part of an FTC action, e.g. on Channel 7. Hence, is this one of the cases where the AG files a complaint and consent decree simultaneously, or is she piling on?

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