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Chicago Teachers Union member: Silenced by CTU Pres. Stewart

A member of the Chicago Teachers Union says he was denied the right to speak at a CTU meeting and was suspended without pay in retaliation for attempting to run against Marilyn Stewart for the position of union president.

Ted Hajiharis says that on January 14, 2010, he attended a House of Delagates meeting where he "attempted to speak about important union business," that Stewart was in violation of the rules and by-laws by prohibiting a run off candidate from speaking with voters, but he was prevented from exercising his right to speak at the meeting. 

The complaint states that prior to the meeting, "defendants became suspicious that Hajiharis was going to run for the office of president of the CTU."

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According to the complaint, immediately following the meeting, Stewart imposed a 10-day disciplinary suspension of Hajiharis without pay.  Hajiharis says he was not guilty of any misconduct and the suspension was in retaliation for his anticipated candidacy for the position of union president.

Hajiharis appealed the suspension, but it was denied by Stewart's chief of staff, Defendant John Ostenburg, and two other members of Stewart's staff, the complaint states.

Hajiharis has requested arbitration and the CTU has taken the request under advisement, but even if it agrees, Hajiharis believes the arbitration will not occur prior to the scheduled election, the complaint states.

The complaint also states the following:

- that after Hajiharis announced his desire to run for CTU president, he visited some schools and went to work as usual at the CTU office when Ostenburg informed him that he would not be allowed to stay on the premises and to clean out his office.

- that defendants have access to the master list of teacher members and their home mailing addresses, as well as the union printer, all of which Hajiharis believes he should be entitled to as well.

- Member Pamela Touras submitted the required petitions demanding a special meeting be called to have a debate among all candidates for president. To date, Stewart has refused to convene the meeting.

3 16 10 Hajiharis v CTU -



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